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How to Install Foam Roof Insulation

How to Install Foam Roof Insulation


Foam roof insulation includes you to use foam sheets as an insulating material with the roof of your room or house. Foam is used in order to insulate the roof so as to make it free from the factors that we wish to block with this insulation. People choose to go for fiberglass insulation, foam insulation and many other kinds of insulations but amongst all such insulations, the foam insulation suits best as it is easily available and keeps your home more comfortable within the year. In order to install foam roof insulation, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Install Foam Roof Insulation

How to Install Foam Roof Insulation

1. Find the Right Kind of Foam:-

Begin by finding the right kind of foam. Foam of polystyrene type is rarely used as it is low in thickness and thus it results in low value of insulation. A perfect choice of the right kind of foam includes you to check its insulation thickness and also if it will add to greenhouse gases or not. We also have to check if it is able to prevent air and moisture or not.

2. Measure the Length and Breadth of the Roof:-

Once you have made your choice of foam type, we can begin taking measurements for the length and breadth of the roof. Now we will cut the foam into desired size specifications to fit it to these measurements. We have taken polyurethane form board here. Use a cutting tool to save time while cutting the foam.

3. Place each of the Sheets in the Roof Cavity:-

Now we will place each of these sheets into the roof cavity so that it is held in place by the means of contact with the studs. Seal them up using caulk and ensure that the fixed boards stay in place. You can fix such foams directly on bricks, blocks and concrete. Just apply the material on their exterior surface and then cover them up with the sliding.

4. Use Construction Adhesive At The Back of Foam:-

First cut the foam in desired size specifications and then apply the back portion of it with a significant amount of construction adhesive. Draw a line of this adhesive around the perimeter of the foam sheet and then fix it up on the roof to make it glued to the surface. Seal the joints between one sheet and other with the help of same adhesive and apply enough amount of adhesive while sticking so as to prevent the foam from detaching from the surface.

5. Ensure Fire Safety:-

Though foams act as the best and cheap way of insulation, but there is also a disadvantage or drawback associated with them. The foam sheets are highly inflammable which means they can catch even the fire from a single matchstick.  You should cover these foam sheets with the sheet of drywall in order to enhance and ensure fire safety for adverse conditions.

6. Take Expert Advice if needed:-

The structure and build of your roof decides a lot if you will be able to insulate it properly or not. Choose the right kind of tools and right kind of adhesive. If you still feel doubtful in any case, take advice from a professional or expert.


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