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How to Install Android OS in Nokia Phones

How to Install Android Operating System in Nokia Phones


Nokia phones are generally based on Windows or Symbian operating system. The Android operating system is an operating system which is used in most of the smart phones arriving in tech markets these days. In some of the cases it has been seen that though people may choose a Symbian or Windows mobile, but they still expect the features of an Android operating system from their mobile. If your mobile is operating on one such operating system, you can easily install and use android operating system in it following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Install Android OS in Nokia Phones

How to Install Android OS in Nokia Phones

1. For Symbian Mobiles:-

If you are using a Nokia mobile with Symbian operating system, you can first download the Gdesk.rar file in it and then you can save it in your phone memory in order to install these files to your phone. Select the android design from the menu that follows and you will easily be able to use android operating system on your Nokia mobile.

2. Use an Android Skin Pack:-

Sometimes a user is satisfied with the processing speed and quality of his phone but he just wishes to customize the Nokia phone his way. In such situations, you can download an android skin pack for your Nokia mobile’s operating system downloading it from the application market.

3. Reach the Application Store Present In Your Mobile:-

In approximately every Nokia mobile, there is an application store present, which can be bought in use for downloading applications. You simply have to log-in with your windows live ID in such application stores and the quality applications can be downloaded then to your mobile. In order to use Android operating system in your mobile, simply open your phone’s application market and then write “Android operating system” in its search field. You will be displayed with a variety of results to skin or install android look on your phone.

4. Download an Android launcher in your device:-

Another effective way of transforming your Nokia mobile into an Android set is to download an android launcher in it. Android launcher will turn your phone’s menu into a menu interface that we get into an Android phone and thus the old feel that you used to get from your phone will get eliminated and transformed to the new android like look of your phone.

5. Root your phone:-

Some of the Nokia phones can also be rooted in order to make them function like an Android handset. This can be done with the Windows mobile devices. Rooting gives you a freedom to make desired changes with the applications and settings on your phone and this process should be adopted only if you are properly familiar with it as else it may result in unfavorable results.


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