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How to Install an HVAC System in Home

How to Install an HVAC System in Home


HVAC system is a centralized air conditioning system that gives you central heating and cooling, making your house adaptable for living in any kind of weather. Such systems are always better installed or positioned when you purchase a new house but with a slight hammering and cementing made by the mason, you can also perform this approach afterwards as well. Some people also perform this approach while remodeling an old house to enjoy more consistent temperature control and to enhance better living conditions in their house. Here are some ways in which you can install an HVAC system in your house:-

How to Install an HVAC System in Home

How to Install an HVAC System in Home

1. Consider the Space Needs:-

When you are thinking about getting a HVAC system installed in your house, you actually have to consider the space needs first. If yours is a window air conditioner, it can be fitted anywhere including the inside and outside portion of your house. If yours is a split air conditioner, one of its parts will be fitted inside the room while the other will be fixed at roof top.

2. Positioning A Central Heat System:-

A central heating system or a forced air system is the one which sends air to your home through ductwork which is installed above ceilings or in walls. This gives you fresh, humidified and filtered air in your room or working place. You will need to call a special technician in order to install such heat system in your house.

3. Positioning a Central Air Conditioning System:-

Just like the central security system in your car gives you all round central security options, same is the case with central air conditioning as it is enough to condition the entire portion of your room or house. It brings in use the “ductwork” to provide cooling and heating effect to the air inside. The main approach is in ejecting one kind of air outside and filling the room with another kind of air functioning as a heat pump.

4. Positioning the Split Air Conditioners:-

There are two parts in a split air conditioner. One is called the main set which is a kind of cabinet throwing air inside your room and the other is a kind of cabinet with exhaust fan attached to it to throw warm air outside. Split air conditioners require more space and maintenance as compared to window air conditioners but these are often more efficient than window air conditioners. Split air conditioners can be fixed anywhere on any wall. The external unit is fixed on roof top as it needs external environment.

5. Positioning the Window Air Conditioner:-

If you wish to position a window air conditioner, first of all you will need to remove the window from that particular portion where air conditioner is to be fixed. Secondly, you will need to have a spare ply board which will be fixed above the air conditioner to make the air conditioner fit perfectly. Now you will need to position the cabinet first and then the main air conditioner body will be put inside. The pipe outlet will be attached then and then we will switch on the power supply. The air conditioner will start working like this.


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