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How to Install an Audio System in your Car

How to Install Sound System In Your Car


If I talk about my personal thinking or opinion, a car is nothing without a music system in it. A music system in a car helps you very much to tolerate the passengers. It also helps you divert your mind in the condition of a traffic jam and also proves to be a great source of entertainment. When you purchase a new car, there is neither a music system in it nor there the presence of any speaker present in the car.

How to Install an Audio System in your Car

How to Install an Audio System in your Car

Though some of the cars positioned with a good music system from the company, but these still lack good speakers as most of us prefer to customize the sound fitting woofer, amplifier and other such attachments according to our personal flavor. If you are also a person of such taste, you can easily install speakers in your car following these simple tips:-

1. Select Perfect Speakers:-

Often a car does not have any stereo system when we purchase it. In order to get a sound system installed in the car, we have to reach a car accessory shop, but due to a lack of knowledge, we get a local/Chinese system positioned in it. This system gives best of its results for the first two-three days, but then either it stops functioning or the sound output gets reduced. When we reach the shop again in order to ask them for possible options, they make a remark, “Sir, Local and Chinese products never come with a guarantee”.

I will advise you never to befool you with the products that are cheap and instead even if a better product costs you a bit more, you should purchase the costly product with warranty rather than cheap product with no warranty.

2. Attaching the Speakers/ Sound System:-

  • The best place to position speakers, amplifiers and woofers in your car is on front dashboard, on side window and on the dashboard under back mirror above the place where your CNG kit has been placed.
  • In order to position your respective sound output devices, you should first check the Dimensions of Existing Speakers If You Have Them. By checking dimensions, you would come to know the way how they had been placed and what kind of device would fit in their place.
  • It is better if you choose the speakers with Fabric Cones. After positioning your speakers, you can consider the Power Requirements as well.
  • There is a socket attachment with each of the wires and you will need to use these wire sockets in order to make connection of media player device with the speakers/sound output unit.
  • If any of the sockets has met a power failure, you will simply need to change the plastic connectors and your music system will start functioning once again.
  • The twitters can be fixed on the front dashboard while woofers are always placed at the back dashboard.

Keep in watch that the wiring arrangement is made perfect. Some of the sound system sellers also have an arrangement for free installation of their products and thus you can ask your sound system seller about this.


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