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How to Install a Music System in your Car

How to Fit Music System in a Car


The music system is basically a collection of equipments meant for the purpose of playing pre-recorded sound in any vehicle/room etc. When you are traveling by a car, the journey is often boring if you are traveling a long distance and in such a time, music system of a car proves to be your best friend which does not even let you know when your journey actually started and when it got ended. There is no boredom felt when you are driving a car with music system fitted in it. Fitting a music system in a car is a simple process and you can perform it yourself following these easy tips:-

How to Install a Music System in your Car

How to Install a Music System in your Car

1. Take the Old Stereo Out:-

These days the car stereos come equipped with memory card/USB/ smart phone music playing features and the old stereo sets lacked this feature. If you have an old/outdated stereo in your car and you wish to update/change it with a new stereo with added features in it, you will first need to take the old stereo out and then you can position a new one in place of it. Most of the stereos include you to remove the outer attachment of stereo first.

Once this attachment which is in the form of a plastic tray gets removed, you can remove the unscrew the rest of the body as well. The outer attachment of a stereo gets removed easily when you press it with one of your fingers.

2. Detach the Wire Connectors:-

Once the old stereo gets unscrewed, you will need to detach it from the front dashboard by removing the plastic connectors. Detaching one plastic connector from the other, your car stereo will easily be able to get removed. Also, do not forget to remove the power cable as well.

3. Position a New Stereo:-

Now here comes the turn to position a new stereo which will be positioned in the same way as we removed the old one. If there was a fault with your old stereo, you can just remove and replace the front panel instead of replacing the entire stereo unit. Once the new stereo gets roughly positioned, you can check if it plays or not by making connections with the plastic connectors and power cables.

4. Connect the Music System with Speakers:-

If your music system gets switched on, we can position the screws in order to fit it permanently with the front dashboard of your car and now here comes the turn to check the connections with speakers and woofer/amplifier. There is a wire to each of the speaker/woofer/amplifier which will need to be attached to the stereo system in order to generate music out of it. Make this connection and once the stereo gets connected to these output devices, it will be able to play music as well.

5. Enjoy Your Ride:-

Now, the music system in your car has got perfectly positioned and you can enjoy your ride with music getting played in the car. In order to connect your USB pen drive with the stereo, you can position it in the USB slot provided at the front portion of your stereo. This is the same slot where you can plug-in a card reader with the memory card in it to play music. In some stereo sets, a special slot for memory card can also be present.

In order to connect your smart phone with the stereo, you will have to purchase a connector audio output cable. Rest is up to you that which kind of media you wish to play on your device. If yours is a JVC music and video player, do not forget also to make a video output connection to the screen.


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