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How to Install a DVD Writer in a Computer

How to Install DVD Writer


A DVD writer is a device which can be bought in use to write information on a DVD.  In order to install any operating system say windows or Linux in any computer system, we need an optical drive. DVD writer is much better means of installation in such case. If you are planning to position a DVD writer in your system or if you wish to place and position a new DVD writer in place of the old and not functioning DVD writer, you can follow the following steps in order to perform this operation:-

How to Install a DVD Writer in a Computer

How to Install a DVD Writer in a Computer

1. Positioning a New DVD Writer In Place of Old One:-

A DVD writer is positioned just above the hard disks in the top portion of your CPU cabinet. Here it can be fixed with the help of nuts. If you have recently removed the old DVD writer from this place, the new one will be positioned in the same place from where you have removed the old one even if it was a CD writer instead of being a DVD writer. Most of the CPU cabinets have two bays available with them. In order to place a DVD writer in one of these bays, these tips will help you.

  • Push the plastic cover of bay from inside portion of the case. The plastic portion pops out.
  • Place DVD writer in a vertical position removing the bay cover.
  • Choose any one from the two available bays in order to position the DVD writer.
  • Make sure that the DVD writer is not upside down. You can inspect this by either watching the name of DVD writer written on it or by checking the button position on DVD writer.
  • Fix the screws One at a single time with the help of a screw driver. Firstly, position the four screws without making them tight. Make them tight when all the four screws have been positioned.

2. Positioning a Brand New DVD Writer:-

Even a new DVD writer is positioned in the same place. The difference is just of the cables or available space in your CPU cabinet. If there is a blank space left under the DVD writer, you can position black plastic clips in order to cover that space.

3. Perfect Cable:-

Once the DVD writer is in its perfect place, here comes the turn to make connection. Now attach the SATA cable and power cable to the DVD writer. Make connections with your DVD writer from the first side and position the cable connector in one of the empty slots on your motherboard from the other side.

4. Inspect If the DVD Writer Works or Not:-

Now when you have physically connected the DVD writer, you can check if it works or not. Switch on the CPU in order to check the DVD writer and press the DVD writer button to check if the disk tray gets ejected outside or not. In most of the DVD writers, a light starts glowing when DVD writer is perfectly connected. If DVD writer has started working, you can re-position the cabinet door with help of screws and you can start using your computer any way you wish.


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