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How to Install a Chimney in Kitchen

How to Fit a Chimney in Kitchen


A chimney is a vertical channel or pipe which conducts smoke and combustion gases up from a fireplace/furnace or kitchen gas stove. Often there are some dishes in the kitchen which require us to fry chilies, spices and veggies in oil or butter which generates a lot of smoke. The kitchen becomes hard to even take breath in some of the cases. In such a case, it is better to get a chimney positioned in your kitchen with its base inside the kitchen to suck off the smoke and to direct it out of the house with chimney mouth ejected outside typically through the roof of the building. In order to fit a chimney in your house, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Install a Chimney in Kitchen

How to Install a Chimney in Kitchen

1. Choose Your Ready Made Chimney:-

These days, steel and tin based ready made chimneys are available in the market which just need to be purchased and you can call a mason in order to get them fitted in your kitchen. The mason breaks off some bricks from the top portion of your kitchen wall and guides the chimney to top portion of your building either building a steel/tin wall against it or building a brick based chimney extended against your kitchen wall. If you wish to do it yourself, just follow these tips:-

  • Choose a place right above the cooking appliance or bring your cooking appliance just below the place that you choose to get your chimney positioned.
  • It is better if you also position an exhaust fan with your chimney to easily drag the smoke towards the chimney.
  • Fit the hood of your chimney by taking out a few bricks from the top portion of your kitchen wall in a proper way. Keep in mind the pipe diameter and ducting length to perform this approach.
  • Fit the chimney head roughly in this place and switch it on to check if it is able to eject out the smoke or not. If the chimney is perfect with its operation, fit the hood of your chimney with cement mixture and small trimmed portion of bricks along with concrete mixture in a proper way. The chimney got installed now.
  • Use the cookware on this same place, to allow maximum smoke guided out of the chimney.

2. Get A Chimney Made With Bricks:-

If you do not believe in ready made chimneys, you can get the chimney constructed with concrete and cement mixture building it at the time of construction of your house.

  • Choose a place with the space of your kitchen. This should be the place destined for cooking.
  • Now just when you begin building the basement of your house, have an arrangement for the structure of the chimney as well. Lay the bricks in same rectangular manner, keeping in consideration, the size of your chimney.
  • When you build the respective rooms, keeping building the chimney as well. It will be built the same way as you build your rooms, laying one layer of bricks above the other in the form of a rectangular pipe which opens in your kitchen.
  • Fix wire gauze and an exhaust fan with this chimney to make the smoke get ejected out. Take the help of a professional mason if possible.


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