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How do you Innovate With Limited Resources

How to Innovate With Limited Resources


Sometimes you have to be innovative but you have just a limited number of resources present with yourself. In order to bring your idea to an action, you have to be innovative enough. Limited resources can be a challenge in such a case. In order to be innovative and that too with limited resources, you should keep your eyes on your strategic goal besides keeping a watch over all what you have got with yourself. In order to be innovative and that too with limited resources, the following tips can prove to be of a great use for you:-

How to Innovate With Limited Resources

How do you Innovate With Limited Resources

1. Ask the Team to Give Their Views:-

You always have some people working with you in every firm. There is always a team, when you work on a particular project. You should never under-estimate the capabilities of your co-workers and when you have got limited resources, these co-workers can prove to increase options for you by giving you their point of view and maybe that someone amongst them gives you a really working idea.

2. Make a List of Everything Available:-

Even if you have a limited number of resources, you still have some resources. A man with some resources is left with at least some options to survive upon. Life can be even more devastating than this in certain situations. In such a situation, simply make a list of all the resources available to you and make a better use of them.

In “The Martian” which was a movie based on the life of a space person from NASA who was left on planet Mars by mistake, he was left with a supply of food which could last for just a couple of days. He bought in use his botany skills to plant potatoes on Mars and soon he was able to come back to earth after a long struggle. He had no resources with him, but his intellect and better use of available resources though small in number, made him achieve the desired success and the same approach can be followed by you as well.

3. Take everyone’s Opinion:-

Have a close inspection of resources available with you and determine how each of them can be bought into use and in what situation they can be bought into use. Take everyone’s opinion to adjudge what they think about it and hence utilize each and every resource in a smart manner.

4. Know When To Be Practical and When not to be:-

In order to be innovative, you should exactly know when to be practical and when not to be. Being practical all the time is not good. And being unpractical all the time is also not good. You should seek for help whenever you actually need it. You should never let cash or money is an impediment in your path and if you are related with some business, you should keep financers ready for yourself. Even if you do not know anyone, you should still keep on making friends as friends in need as friends indeed and someone amongst them will surely prove to be a help of some kind in your bad time.


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