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How to Inject Clexane while Pregnant

How to Inject Clexane during Pregnancy


Clexane is the name of a medicinal injection,which is bought in use to reduce the risk of blood clots during pregnancy. We refer to blood clotting by the name “Coagulation”. As Clexane reduces the chances of blood clotting, it is also known as anti-coagulant. A blood clot can develop in the veins of a woman when she is in the stage of her pregnancy. In many of the cases, a woman has to self-inject Clexane injection in her body twice a day in order to prevent blood clotting.

How to Inject Clexane while Pregnant

How to Inject Clexane while Pregnant

1. Get the Clexane Injection and Prepare It:-

I was made to self inject Clexane in my body when I had developed a blood clot in the veins of my arm. The doctor told me that I have to keep on injecting it till my baby gets three months old. He told me to self-inject it twice a day. If your doctor has asked you to inject Clexane, he must have told you the dosage as well. Prepare your injection after washing your hands with soap solution/Dettol antiseptic liquid.

2. Lie in a Resting Position:-

Sit down or lie in a comfortable position now.  The position should be in such a manner that you are able to see your stomach while injecting. Choose an area on left or right side of your stomach at least five to six centimeters away from the navel.

3. Prepare the Injection:-

Press the injection in order to make the medicine reach the end point of the syringe after removing the protective cap carefully in such a way that the needle does not get bent. Hold the syringe like you hold a pen in your hand. Pinch a portion of your skin between your thumb of one hand and index finger of the other hand.

4. Insert the Needle:-

Now insert the needle into that part of the skin where a needle needs to be injected. The needle should be kept straight at an angle of ninety degrees while following this approach. Inject the medicine after the needle gets into your skin.

5. Take the Empty Injection Out:-

Now carefully remove the needle out of the place where it had been injected. Take it out straight and slow. Put cotton over that part of the skin immediately. Drop the used syringe straight away into the dustbin.

6. Keep These Factors in Mind:-

While injecting Clexane injection, you should make sure that the entire liquid medicine gets injected in your skin.  As I told you earlier that you can choose either of the sides of your stomach in order to choose a target area, you can choose to inject Clexane on the right side one day and on the left side the other day. I have given this advice to you as often a patient is kept on Clexane injections for a time as long as a span of months and when you keep on changing the place with left one day and right one day, It proves to comfort you in many ways.


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