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Information about Hiv and Aids Disease

Information About Hiv And Aids


Introduction To Hiv Tests:-

Most of the tests for HIV are based on the approach to search for the antibodies in a person that are produced by his body to fight against the disease. the antibodies are produced by the body of an individual with HIV in him within seven to one hundred eighty days of being infected with the HIV virus.

Information about Hiv and Aids Disease

Information about HIV and Aids Disease

it is not mandatory to be tested for HIV the moment you think you got infected with the virus but if you go for an HIV test, go for a re-examination within next three to six months. And in this specific time, the person should avoid having sex with his or her partner without using a protection and even should not share the commodities like syringes and blades with any other person.

The Place To Get Tested For HIV:-

The Health Departments And Private Doctors Or Blood Testing Labs may prove to be a place where you can get yourself tested for the HIV virus , some hospitals and govt. approved clinics also provide a testing hub for the testing of HIV suspects. The testing is totally anonymous and free of cost as the name of AIDS suspect is never recorded in any document as per the rules.

HIV and aids councling of the suspect must also be done so that he may have the proper information of the disease he is suffering from.

What If An Individual Is Found To Be HIV Positive?

IF the person is testes to be positive for HIV that does not means he has the disease called AIDS. it just means he is carrying the virus that spreads HIV and he is likely to infect the others. a councling of such person should be done to tell him what he actually is going through and how he can fight for a better life.

an HIV management plan should be followed and precautions should be followed by the person and his care taker so that the virus may not be spread to someone else. councilors or doctors or the specialists are provided by every good testing center that work on a AIDS And HIV control plan with your cooperation and provide you the essential care you deserve. Remember, you are not ever alone, there are many organizations that will cooperate with you to control the disease and help you with the diagnosis and prevention and the other such approaches.


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