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How to Be Independent and Not Rely on Others

How to Not Rely On Others


To not rely on others means to be self dependent. The one who does not depend on others to fulfill his basic needs is called an independent person and in order to become independent, you need to adopt some quality traits in yourself. Though getting dependent on others is never a weakness as we can’t always be dependent on ourselves only, but sometimes when we are getting over-dependent on others, it can make you lose self respect and thus it is always advised not to rely on others. When we are self dependent, others appreciate the way we are living and thus it is advised that we do not rely on others to fulfill our needs. The following traits can be adopted by one in his/her lifestyle to stop getting dependent on others:-

How to Be Independent and Not Rely on Others

How to Be Independent and Not Rely on Others

1. Be Financially Strong First of All:-

Being financially strong is the very crucial and initial step of being independent. When you are financially strong, you never have to borrow money from anyone and you never have to ask for a favor as well. Being financially strong thus makes you able to purchase anything you need without being dependent on others and thus it makes you not rely on others for it.

2. Have Presence of Mind:-

In order to not rely on others, you should have a presence of mind. You should make others notice that you don’t need them in every work. For example, if you are being dependent on others to drop you till office, purchasing a new car or bike even if it has been purchased in installments will give people a clue that you have become capable of reaching office without depending on anyone.

3. Take Minor Decisions yourself:-

Some people are never dependent on others for money but they are rather dependent on them for taking their decisions. Asking others each and every time to make decisions in your place is always a bad idea and thus you should try to take decisions yourself till you can to avoid being dependent on them.

4. Learn How to Take Risks:-

Even a child does not arrive on this earth till a mother does not take a risk of being pregnant. Never take hurdles or impediments in your life as a sign of loss and rather take them as an arrival of new opportunity. If we elaborate the full form of word FAIL, it will come out to be “First Attempt In Learning” and thus you should never fear taking risks in life, even if they lead you to a failure in order to be self-dependent.

5. Love yourself and Learn to Maintain Distance:-

Love yourself and learn to maintain distance from others. Have self respect as it won’t allow you to rely on others for majority of your needs. Work hard and strive for success. Make people dependent on you rather than being dependent on them. Let Your Achievements Be Seen and let them come to know that it is not you who needs them but it is them who need you.


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