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How to Increase Testosterone Levels in our Body

How to Increase Testosterone Levels


Testosterone is a male hormone that is present in both, the males as well as females but in males it is present in large amount and in females it is present in small amount. If you want to increase your level of testosterone, you need to reduce your level of estrogen in the body. In this article, we are up with some tips for you that will help you increase your level of testosterone in the body.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels in our Body

How to Increase Testosterone Levels in our Body

1. Exercise And Workout:-

It has been seen that those who have got a routine full of exercises and labour, have higher levels of testosterone in them. Those who workout in gyms have higher levels of testosterone and lower estrogen levels. In order to increase the level of testosterone in yourself, I will thus advise you to go for workout and exercises in your schedule.

2. Testosterone Increasing Pills:-

Testosterone increasing and estrogen reducing pills are readily available within every medical store these days. You can simply get the pills recommended after meeting a doctor or health care specialist and then go for using them in your daily schedule. You can even get a testosterone injection if the doctor recommends it to you.

3. Food That Enhances The Production of Testosterone:-

There are some food that help you lock the production of estrogen , prevent your testosterone from converting into estrogen and boost up the existing production of testosterone. You can search up these food and food supplements on internet and add them to your diet. These foods can even be added to your diet after getting advice from a specialist. Instead I will advise you to stay in continuous touch with a health specialist in order to bring about the desired benefits.

4. Reduce Stress And Take Enough Vitamin-D:-

Vitamin-D is something that we get from sun. Those who do not go under the sun for quite long are likely to have low level of testosterone and thus I will advise you to let some of sun’s vitamin-D to be added to your lifestyle in order to boost up your testosterone levels. Vitamin-d supplements can even be purchased from the pharmacy stores to fulfill this requirement of yours.

5. Lose Weight:-

All the approaches that make you lose your weight are equally likely to increase your testosterone levels including exercises, aerobics, jogging, yoga, gymming etc. You can adopt these habits and seek to lose your weight in order to lose your estrogen and increase your testosterone in the body. You can manage to go for jogging or you may even use a step mill or tread mill at your home to boost it up.

6. Consume Zinc And Limit Sugar:-

Those who take limited levels of sugar in their diet are said to be even healthier and even the level of testosterone in their body is likely to be high. You can switch to sugar free food products or you may switch to honey or fruit juices instead of that. Your diet should be rich in minerals like Zinc in order to keep your body strengthened with testosterone and prevent estrogen from forming in excess.


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