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How to Increase Stamina in Running

How to Increase Stamina in Running


While we speak the sentence stamina in running, we are actually addressing a person’s power to run and how speedily he or she can do that. Stamina is essential to be inculcated in order to defeat your opponents and even to break your own records. The more the stamina you have, the more you have chances to defeat the others and thus a good stamina is desirable for each and every person related with the field of sports. In case you are a bit confused about how to Increase your stamina in running, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Increase Stamina in Running

How to Increase Stamina in Running

Day One:-

Day one needs not many efforts to be made, but instead you need to start with a normal warm up and then continue with a few rounds of running. This is to make your body habitual of running. If you make vigorous efforts the very first day, the next day you will feel a strange kind of pain in the body joints and thus a normal practice should be followed.

Day Two:-

By the start of day two, begin with a warm up of fifteen minutes and then a few walking rounds of the ground where you are practicing for running. Now after these walking rounds have been completed, simply go for five continuous rounds of running, but keep in mind to have a constant speed that does not get slowed down after some time.

Day Three:-

Begin with a warm up of fifteen minutes and then a few walking rounds followed by seven running rounds with a speed slightly more than the day two. Keep in mind that this speed should be kept constant while running the rest of rounds and remember to keep your mouth close as else you might meet a problem related to breath crisis.

Day Four:-

Follow the same criterion that you have been following since three days and add stretching exercises along with warm-up. Try out skipping or stair climbing prior to this so as to boost your stamina. Now keep on increasing one round per day or within every five days you can increase one round.

Further Days:-

The difficulty level with the racing schedule needs to be increased afterwards. You can try out pushups and pull-ups along with it to make your body fortified for running. Try taking a diet rich in calcium and get it monitored with some health professional. Now there is just a need to increase the impediments that will further boost your stamina.

Make it a Bit more difficult:-

Make it a bit more difficult with Milkha Singh’s style. Decide a target to be achieved while running in a desired interval of time and set the target to be achieved within the time limit. Keep reducing the time interval or increasing the distance with each coming day and if that also appears to make no benefits, attach something heavy with your feet or carry a heavy bag on your shoulders while running. This will boost your stamina soon.



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