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How to Increase Sperm Count with Home Remedies

Home Remedies to Increase Sperm Quality


A sperm is a male reproductive cell which can be bought in use to fertilize a female ova or egg. When a woman gets fertilized, she is likely to become pregnant and also to give birth to a baby. Sperm thus plays an important role in fusion of male gametes with female gametes. A better sperm quality means better reproduction and maximum possibility of female to get fertilized with few attempts made as only a single sperm is able to survive out of millions from the semen in order to nurture and fertilize the female ova to result in a baby. Here are some home based remedies in which you can gain a healthy sperm count for yourself:-

How to Increase Sperm Count with Home Remedies

How to Increase Sperm Count with Home Remedies

1. Eat Maximum Portions of Garlic in Your Food:-

Garlic is a product of bulbous plant of onion family, which is taken out in the form of cloves. You can eat these garlic cloves directly or you can convert them in the form of paste grinding them in an electric grinder with ginger taking this mixture daily with your food. Your sperm count will 100% get increased taking this paste daily.

2. Have Shilajeet regularly:-

Shilajeet is a gummy product of plants found on Himalayas. This product is so effective in boosting your sex life as well as sperm count that people use it as a tonic to boost their sex power as well as fertility. Shilajeet is available in the form of tonic as well as capsules on a majority of medical and pharmacy stores. You can purchase it from such stores to drink it daily.

3. Use Ashwagandha:-

Ashwagandha or Ginseng both is proven to bring about a significant increase in your sperm count. The extract out of these ingredients can be bought in use to increase semen volume, sperm motility and amount of sperms in your body. Both these are also likely to increase testosterone level in your body and thus should be consumed daily.

home remedies to increase sperm count in males

4. Use Maca Root:-

Maca root is an awesome ingredient to bring about a desired increase in count of human sperms. The roots of the black variety of this plant can help improve sperm production and motility and hence you can enquire about Maca roots from nearest herb expert or plant based medicine seller/chemist to bring home these roots and to add them to your life.

5. Drink Maximum Water and Exercise:-

Fitness expert Mr. Deepak Sharma from Gurgaon who keeps on participating in multiple marathons and also is a renowned expert of medicines and aayurvedic products says that you should drink maximum amount of water during each and every day span to maximize your sperm count. Besides this, you should exercise as much as you can. When you follow both these approaches, a significant rise in the level of your sperm count is reported for sure.

6. Avoid Everything Rich in Estrogen or Photo Estrogen:-

Besides this, you should also stay away from the usage of products like soya which bring about a rise in level of photo estrogen in your body which serves as a kind of artificial estrogen in your body. The presence of such plant based hormone can bring about a decline of sperm count and thus you should stay away from consuming such food items.


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