How to Increase Nipple Size for Feeding

How to Increase Nipple Size for Feeding


It is mandatory for a baby to be fed by its mother in the initial days of his or her life and this is why women are always conscious about the ways adopted for the same. In case of some women it has been seen that the nipples of their breasts are so small in size that even they feel doubtful that maybe the baby is not able to press the nipple in its mouth to suck some of the milk out of it which is why such women may seek ways to increase the size of their nipples and in case you are also doubtful regarding the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Increase Nipple Size for Feeding

How to Increase Nipple Size for Feeding

1. First of All, Stop Getting Worried:-

The first advice from our side will be to stop worrying. You should stop worrying as the baby’s mouth is itself too much small and larger breast nipples won’t fit inside while the small nipples are always easy to be held inside the small mouth and thus it gets easier for the baby to suck milk out of it.

2. Breast Size Has Nothing to Do With Breast Capacity:-

Breast size has nothing to do with the breast capacity. It is rather that small nipples are easy to fit inside the small and delicate baby’s mouth. The baby will be fed in a better way with small nipples and thus you need not make any extra efforts regarding the same.

3. Small Breasts Are Rather Easier for the Baby to Suck Milk:-

It has been scientifically proven that small breasts are easier for a baby to suck milk out of them. You simply need to make fewer efforts while feeding a baby when you have small breasts and hence it is advised that you don’t make efforts to increase the breast size.

4. You only need to worry if they are inverted:-

The medical health experts say that a mother only needs to worry about her breast size if it is inverted. A slight touch with finger should be enough to make it exerted outwards else you should go and meet your family health expert regarding the same.

5. Consult The Doctor If Your Nipple Is Inverted:-

In case your nipple is inverted, try using your fingers to make it get perfect and even still, if it does not happen, you will be required to consult a doctor regarding the same. Simply reach the nearest maternity health expert and then ask him what can be done in order to make you gain life back again.

6. Stay in Touch for Better Counseling:-

Stay in touch with your family health expert for a better kind of counseling regarding the same. You are also advised to have a regular meet and greet with the doctor regarding the baby’s health as well. The inverted nipple is essential to be taken a great care of and for this purpose a regular interaction with a doctor is advised.


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