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7 Ways to Increase Memory Power and Concentration

How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration


Our memory helps us remember the things in a better way, thus there feels a need to look for an approach to keep increasing it and fortifying it so that it may not get weak. In this article we have come with some ways to boost your memory following which you can easily achieve a boost to your memory power, some of which are as follows:-

How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration

How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration

1. Solve Riddles:-

Riddles are the best way to evaluate your memory continuously. Your daily newspaper contains a SUDOKU riddle or some cris cross puzzle solving box, you can try to solve all the riddles daily to enrich your knowledge and provide a boost to your memory power. Solving riddles can even help you be confident and enhances your brain power.

2. Brain Booster Food:-

Eating the food rich in memory enhancing nutrients can even help you increase your memory power. You should take a diet rich in OMEGA3, selenium, fibers and proteins. You can even go for the nuts, cashews and almonds. Old people have always told us that eating almonds and cashews can boost our brain power.

3. Get Indulged In New Hobbies:-

Getting indulged in new hobbies can even help us boost our memory power in a way that hobbies are proven to enrich our memory. Get indulged in hobbies like playing chess or fencing, or taekwondo, judo, karate, kung-fu, archery or fencing, etc. indulging yourself in hobbies can boost your memory in a way that hobbies teach us how to defense, how to counter attack and how to make strategies. Playing chess is itself a brain enhancing game.

4. Brain Boosting Games:-

You can even go for some brain boosting indoor games like monopoly or cards or puzzles or crosswords or word puzzles, etc. Solving these might seem kiddish to you, but it a study it has been proven that those who play puzzle games are likely to have a high level of memory.

5. Be Ready For Challenges:-

Try to learn new skills and be ready for some new challenges. Keep challenging yourself about something. Keep betting with your friends on something and be confident enough how to reach it. Help friends and relatives with their problems and try to find a better solution. This can really help you boost your memory and brain power.

6. Yoga And Meditation:-

Yoga along with meditation has proven health benefits, boosting both the memory and brain power. Those who have a habit of meditating daily are likely to have their brain function in a better way and are likely to take decisions in a proper manner. In a study it has been proven that yoga helps to bring positive vibes to your brain that help in boosting your memory and help you enhance your brain power.

7. Try To Focus The Things:-

Those who learn how to focus the things in a better way are likely to increase their memory power. Try to recall things. Try to recall the past, how the things used to be, your birthday memories, your marriage memories etc. when you learn to focus on things, your memory power is likely to be boosted by itself.


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