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4 Natural Ways to Increase Low Platelet Count in Dengue

Papaya leaves to increase platelet count


Dengue is a mosquito based disease which occurs to an individual because of an infection caused by Dengue virus. As soon as the mosquito of Dengue bites you, the virus gets injected into your blood and a countdown of reproduction starts. The more the virus reproduces, the more you get weak and the further it reaches your body parts, the greater gets the risk for you to suffer more. Thus, you should look for blood platelet increasing approaches from the very initial time.

Dengue virus is mostly found in the tropical region and once this mosquito bites you, it injects its virus in your blood and soon the blood platelet count starts falling. When the level of blood platelets gets reduced, a person become weak and the doctors are left with just a single option which includes them to stop blood platelets from falling further more in order to make the patient survive. In order to increase the number of these blood platelets, you can follow these simple remedies:-

1. Papaya leaves to increase platelet count:-

4 Natural Ways to Increase Low Platelet Count in Dengue

Increase Low Platelet Count in Dengue

Papaya leaves are rich in a content of proteins which prove beneficial to help the bone marrow of an individual in producing platelets. Papaya is a fruit which is available in simply every kind of weather and it is rather cheap as well. Purchase a papaya and first clean it in water from outside. Now ask the patient to eat this fruit along with its peel and leaves. If the patient is not able to eat papaya because of weakness, you can convert the ingredients to juice and then you can make the patient drink it with your support.

2. Try Goat’s milk:-

Goat’s milk to increase platelet count

My brother fell a prey to dengue disease a year back. All of us were worried because of his condition which was getting worse day by day. Soon someone advised us to get goat’s milk for him. We reached a goat owner in order to get a glass of goat’s milk from him. He sold us a single glass of goat’s milk for five hundred rupees but we purchased it. My brother’s blood platelet level was falling with each passing moment, but goat’s milk showed its effect and soon my brother gained a healthy blood platelet level as we were making him drink goat’s milk every day. Goat’s milk has the properties to bring about the desired increase in blood platelet count and thus even you can try this approach.

3. Antioxidant Rich Food:-

Antioxidant Rich Food Increase Platelets Count in Dengue

Foods rich in anti-oxidants, micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids can help your body fight against the harmful free radicals and thus also prove helpful in boosting blood platelet count as well. Some food items rich in antioxidants are Berries, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, olive, broccoli etc.

4. Get Enough Rest:-

Besides all these approaches, you should also take care about the patient. If the patient tries to reach bathroom alone, he is 100% likely to fall because of weakness and thus you should give him your shoulder as a support to walk along with. The patient should take enough rest and he should be provided with juices like beetroot juice, Aloe Vera juice etc. as such juices do not just help to boost platelets count in blood but also prove to be an ideal option to fight against weakness as well.


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