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How to Increase Leptin Level in Our Body

How to Increase Leptin Levels


Leptin can be regarded as the hormone that is made by the adipose cells that helps us to regulate energy balance by preventing our hunger. Those who seek to prevent their hunger should thus seek to bring about a specific increase in the level of leptin in their body and thus here in this article we have come with some simple steps that you can follow in order to bring about a desired increase in the level of leptin in your body.

How to Increase Leptin Level in Our Body

How to Increase Leptin Level in Our Body

1. Eat With Gaps:-

First of all, You need to learn to eat in gaps. Those who eat much food have a hormone named as ghrelin or what we call as hunger hormone that makes us feel hungry much often. If you need a dosage rich in leptin, you should take a dosage that makes you get rid of ghrelin. For better results you can even search the names of both the hormones on internet in order to get aware about the actual process.

2. Don’t Take Stress:-

If you take stress, You will be hungry more often. If you want to increase leptin levels in your body, you should avoid taking stress and should try to sort out things maturely. Being stressful rather does not even let the nutrients that you take benefit your body and thus staying stress free is advised.

3. Adequate Sleep:-

Another thing that I will like to advise you is to take adequate sleep. Set proper time to sleep every day and go for a sleep at that time. You may even take short naps during the day but the sleep should be adequate. If you stay awake, you will feel hungry more often and thus taking adequate sleep is advised.

4. Stay In Touch With Your Doctor:-

Stay in touch with a health care provider or your doctor in order to get an added help and advise regarding the same. If nothing benefits you, You can ask your doctor to recommend you some medicines regarding the same. He will recommend you some pills that reduce the action of hunger hormone and increase leptin levels in your body. These medicines can be purchased from any medical store after getting recommended from the doctor.

5. Balanced Diet:-

You are advised to take a properly balanced diet in order to boost up your leptin levels. You should take a diet rich in Omega-3 as well as Fibers. You should seek for the food stuff that makes you get relieved from the harmful Toxins in the body as well.

6. No Fructose:-

You are advised to take food that does not contains any fructose as fructose is said to increase the level of hunger hormone in our body which prevents the action of leptin in our body and brings about a significant decrease in its amount as well. You should thus avoid substances rich in fructose in order to maintain proper level of leptin in your body. You can rather go for the eatables like strawberries and other berries in order to bring about a significant boost to the levels of leptin in your body.


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