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How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows

how to increase internet speed in windows


In contemporary world, the world is going much internet friendly with multiple social networking websites and other such data consuming hub of internet based portals. In such conditions where data usage has become so important with all works being so internet oriented, there is a great need to have an internet pack that does not make you compromise with the internet speed and thus in order to have the speed boosted within your device, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to increase internet speed in windows

How to Increase Internet Speed

1. Look for the Existing Data Plan that you are configured with:-

First of all, enquire about the data plan that you currently are configured within your system. This will make you get details about the data left as well as the current plan that you are switched to along with the speed that your network provider is offering and it may be either in kbps or in Mbps depending on the plan that you have recharged with.

2. Check the Speed Online with Speed Testing Tool:-

There is a special kind of tool available with the various websites and you may find it even on the playstore as well. Simply write “Speed test” and you will be shown various softwares matching your requirement. In case there is no such result, you may simply enter in Google search field and you will be redirected to the app’s website. Now notice the uploading speed, the downloading speed and even the ping. The ping should be lower, the uploading and downloading speed are better as more as possible.

3. Try Switching to a High Speed Plan:-

Now, after you have come to know about the plan that you are switched with and the speed associated with this plan, you will just be required to switch to a plan of higher speed than this. Suppose you were earlier switched to a 256kbps plan, you may now choose to go for 512kbps plan or the ones like 768kbps or 1mbps or 2mbps or any other such plan depending on your speed requirements

4. Go for the Change of Browser:-

In some of the cases, a change of browser to the one with an ultra lightning speed can also prove to be beneficial for you. Simply switch to a new browser and try having an Increase the RAM associated with the system. The more the RAM associated with the system, the better will be the downloading speed as well. You may also try clearing the browser history, cache memory as well as cookies and then look if the speed got increased or not.

5. Get The Network Provider Switched:-

In case still the problem with speed persists, you may choose switching to some new network provider that offers you better data with quality schemes that count. Simply choose the best plan fitting your budget and don’t forget to go through the conditions that the network provider imposes upon you while switching to a specific data plan.


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