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6 Best Ways to Improve your Handwriting

How to Improve your Handwriting


Your Hand Writing plays an important role in building up your future in a way that good writing means a good impression and a good impression means a better future. Those who have a better handwriting can better impress others and put forward a favourable impression as well. A good hand writing can bring you good marks in academics and help you enhance your academic performance. Those who seek to improve their handwriting need to follow some simple steps that I am mentioning in this article.

How to Improve your Handwriting

How to Improve your Handwriting

1. Find someone with good handwriting:-

Start by finding up a person with better handwriting than you. Ask him to write the English alphabets along with the Hindi alphabets and some data in both the languages on a paper in clean hand. Now put that paper in front of you or affix it at your study table and practice more and more. Try to copy the handwriting of your friend and keep on practicing more and more.

2. Hand Writing Improvement books:-

There are some handwriting improvement books in the market that come readily available and are cheap as well. Start by purchasing one for you and practice the way it is told in that book. Firstly, it will tell you to join the dots in order to improve your grip and then you will have to copy it in the space provided. Much of the people have been benefited this way. There are countless such books available with all leading book sellers at cheap and reasonable prices. You can even choose to go for handwriting improvement classes as well.

3. Practice more and More:-

Write at least 5 pages of hand writing every day and get them checked by some friend or relative of yours. Don’t be shy, practice makes a man perfect. You will see the effect yourself after some time.

4. Seek for motivation:-

Nothing can be achieved without proper motivation and thus I would like to advise you to keep on motivating yourself in order to bring about a desired improvement in your hand writing. Success is not achieved in a single day thus keep on motivating yourself and be patient as it will take time.

5. Proper guidance:-

Seek for proper guidance from time to time. If pen or pencil pains your fingers, you can choose to add a gripper rubber cover to your pen or pencil in order to get added comfort. Stay in touch with an elder or your teacher for your continuous evaluation and improvement.

6. Dot method:-

If nothing that I mentioned work in your case, you are advised to sit with some elder like your tutor, your parents etc.in order to improve yourself. Start by the dot method, learn by joining the dots and then ask them to write some lines for you daily in a notebook that you will copy trying to write like them. Learn to know where you lack and learn from your mistakes to bring about the desired improvement.


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