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6 Most Effective Tactics to Improve Quantitative Aptitude

How to Improve quantitative Aptitude


The quantitative aptitude exam is an exam in which the questions related with general aptitude. These questions are asked in every competitive exam like Common aptitude Test or Management Aptitude Test which is taken when you are applying for MBA degree admissions. Such exams are also taken when you apply for the other exams like CSAT, CLAT, ICET, UPSC, CLAT, SSC exams etc.

6 Most Effective Tactics to Improve Quantitative Aptitude

How to Improve Quantitative Aptitude

These questions do not require any special degree or preparation to be conducted and if you have prepared for your initial school education with full concentration, these exams are no big deal for you be cleared and you can easily clear them improving your quantitative aptitude following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

1. Internet Based Applications:-

If you are using a smart phone, you can find a number of applications based on quantitative aptitude questions. You can even find the applications released by various top trending coaching centers on Play store. Some of these applications favor timer based question papers which make you accustomed and habitual to the examination style.

2. Internet Based Sample Papers:-

If you search internet for any competitive exam sample paper, you can find their sample papers as well as solution keys. Some websites these days offer even the last year question papers and their solutions. Internet based sample papers and pdf books are always a better way to learn while spending nothing.

3. Self-Preparation Guides:-

Many book publishers keep on publishing self-study guides for competition purposes. Lucent, Arihant and Evergreen are some quality names in this direction. The names may differ from one area to other, but still you can find a variety of guides and study material for you to sit and prepare while studying for quantitative exams.

4. A Better Calculation of Mathematics Questions:-

Quantitative aptitude examinations are much based on mathematical questions. If your base of mathematics is good, you won’t find any problem in finding easy solutions to these mathematical problems and thus you can work upon mathematical short equations and formulas in order to prepare yourself for quantitative aptitude exams.

5. Betterment of Graphs and Arithmetic:-

Quantitative aptitude exams also include questions based on graphs and pie charts. If you can make better analysis of a figure or drawn graph or pie chart, you can easily clear a quantitative aptitude test. Some of these tests are rather so easy that even a twelfth pass student can easily clear them.

6. Coaching Institutes If You Find Nothing Else:-

Self-study is always a key to success in such exams. The more you study, the better results you get during exams. Your preparation strategy should be based on a previous cut off for your category. Suppose the last cut off for an exam was 102 marks, you should prepare a syllabus of at least 150 marks in order to clear it yourself.

You should not waste your time in coaching centers as by just getting admitted in a coaching centre does not assure you a guaranteed job. Though if there is no other resource of preparation, you can join some coaching centre as well.


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