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How to Improve your Personal Wellness and Hygiene

how to improve your personal wellness and hygiene


Hygiene can be referred to as a set of practices which can be performed in order to bring about the desired improvement of life for the preservation of good health. Hygiene includes all the conditions and practices essential to ensure proper health in your surroundings and when we use the term “Personal Hygiene”, we actually refer to the ways of keeping yourself healthy by adopting ways of keeping yourself clean and free from diseases. Here are some ways in which personal hygiene can be ensured and improved:-

how to improve your personal wellness and hygiene

How to Improve your Personal Wellness and Hygiene

1. Do Not Let Garbage Be Collected In Your Surroundings:-

In order to ensure personal hygiene, the first thing to do is to stop throwing litter and garbage around your house and in your surroundings. Garbage always attracts flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes and we know that all these acts as a carrier of bacteria, micro-organisms and germs which are harmful for our body.

2. Keep Checking Carpets and Sofas for Mites:-

If you have a pet in your house, it is sure to carry mites along with it when it comes home. These mites are likely to infest your house afterwards by residing at places like mat and mattress laid on the floor and even your clothes. Such mites can often infest rats or kittens present in your surroundings, hence bringing about a spread of diseases and thus you should also keep on checking carpets, sofas and other such furniture in your house time to time to avoid infestation of mites.

3. Stay Immune enough:-

Besides this, we will advise you to stay immune enough in order to ensure personal hygiene. This can be done by changing all harmful diet items with health supplementing items and ingredients. You should cut off extra calories and fats from your diet and besides this, you should also ensure that you get enough nutrients from the food that you eat.

4. Stay Free from Bacteria and Germs:-

Besides this, even the infestation of germs and bacteria in your surroundings can be dangerous. In order to safeguard yourself against such factors, I would advise you to start washing your hands with soap before eating food and after urinating. You can also manage to brush your teeth two times regularly. Take bath daily and if possible, use good disinfectant liquid in your bathing water as well.

5. Exercise and Stay Hydrated:-

Scientists and researchers say that a solution to half of your problems lies within the water. If you consume a healthy amount of water daily after getting up, it can prevent you from getting obese and rather it also purifies the system of your body eliminating the toxins. Besides this, a regular habit of exercising can also prove fruitful.

6. Never Let Water Be Collected In Open for Long Span of Time:-

If water gets collected at any open place, you should immediately flush it out from there. The mosquitoes of dengue, malaria etc. breeds themselves only in fresh water. The tires, vessels and other such items thrown by you on your roof top can often prove to be the breeding places of such mosquitoes and thus we advise you to add kerosene oil even in the desert coolers to safeguard your surroundings from such disease spreading mosquitoes. Rest of all depends on the way you eat and the amount of food that you eat. Just take a healthy and balanced diet and you won’t need to do anything separately in order to ensure proper hygiene.


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