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How to Improve Grasping Power and Memory

How to Improve Grasping Power


Grasping power is someone’s ability to understand things or topics. This term is generally related to studies. Students, who often are not able to understand what their lecturer taught them in the class often ask me how they can increase or boost their grasping power. They keep on wandering how the writers or their teachers must have got so much knowledge about a certain topic when they are not able to understand even basics of it. Well, to increase or improve your grasping power is never a big deal. You always had grasping power hidden in yourself. Now you just need to follow these simple steps in order to awaken the hidden grasping power in yourself.

How to Improve Grasping Power and Memory

How to Improve Grasping Power and Memory

1. Arise, Awake and arise:-

Some great thinker has perfectly quoted,” Arise, awake, arise and stop not till the goal is reached”. In order to boost and improve your grasping power on a particular subject, you should also adopt the same mentality. Decide your goal and start preparing for it. Decide a regular period of time to study that particular subject and your motive will get fulfilled.

2. Make Yourself Familiar with a Particular Field:-

In order to improve your grasping power in a particular field, you should make yourself familiar with all the facts included in it first. You can begin from the basics or even from a more low level. It is never too late for learning anything. You should keep on rising step by step.

3. Surf the Internet/Magazines to Research about it:-

The Internet has become another kind of library these days with not just books in it on a particular subject but also video tutorials for it. It is said that we learn anything quickly when we watch it rather than the time when we read it. You can bring your internet plan in use to surf the websites or magazines or even newspaper to research about a particular field.

4. Try Preparing Short Notes for everything:-

Your lecturer was not born a lecturer. He became a student first and then he could manage to teach. It is not necessary that you will grasp any topic the very first day, but instead it may take two to three days or even more in case of some topics. You can begin preparing short notes while writing the answers of tough questions in your rough notebook in initial days of your learning and you will see that the more you write anything, the more you are able to remember it and recall it while making the final preparations.

5. Share Your Knowledge with Others:-

Another way to improve your knowledge and grasping power is to share your knowledge with others. Let me tell you here that I am a teacher by profession. I used to hesitate while teaching students of my class and I used to take the help of guides or help books in order to teach them in initial days of my teaching career, but since years I have been teaching the same subjects, Now I feel a kind of confidence in myself to teach my students even without the help of any help book.

6. Keep Clear All the Doubts that you come across:-

Last but not the least, you should keep clearing the doubts that you come across. Never think what others will think about you if you raise a question in class as to get bad marks in results will be even more embarrassing than that.


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