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How to Impress your Boyfriend on First Date

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Being on a date with your prince charming, never get too intense, try to keep things neutral. try to be light hearted & funny. Try to impress the guy of your dreams by avoiding a few topics on your first date, though you may feel blazing about it but its better not to speak about some things when you are trying to impress the guy you are on a date with.

4 Awesome Ideas to Impress Boyfriend on First Date

How to Impress Boyfriend on First Date

1. Never talk about your ex-boyfriend:-

Never talk about your commitment & break up with your ex boyfriend. No boy wants to hear how bad your relation was and what you guys were going through that made you have a break up. What you expected from him & how he murdered your expectations. though it may make you feel better by throwing out whats going through your mind but its better if you “don’t get it off your chest” as it may make your date think that you still have some attachment left with your ex boyfriend and that you may leave him if your ex boyfriend comes back to you with an apology or he may think that you are with him just to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

2. Relation or profession:-

Discuss about your profession but never try to speak about your dedication & devotion of your entire life to it or something else like that. It may make him think that you are going to devote most of your time to your profession & hence won’t have quality time with him.

3. Never swear anything:-

Try not to swear about anything on your first date, most women’s hate women’s habit of swearing about everything. though it depends on what type of guy you have chosen for a date but most of the guys aren’t impressed by girls who keep on swearing all the time.

4. Let him complete first:-

Never interrupt him while he is speaking, wait for the time he finishes his sentence, if you are bursting to say something. keeping on interrupting him may make him think that you aren’t actually interested in him & this date and that you like to listen the sound of your own voice & not him.

Your first date should be made an enjoyable experience as it is the ideal opportunity to get to know about somebody, it’s your chance to impress – but it can be very easy to ruin it and your first date will decide if you see him again or not.


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