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6 Important tips to Grow Garlic Indoors in Containers

How to Grow Garlic Indoors in Containers


Garlic or “Allium Sativum” is a veggie of the onion species that grows in the wild or in areas where sexual propagation of this veggie is possible. The climate needed is mild one and you just need to plant the cloves of it in the ground and take proper care of it. Garlic is equipped with various health benefits that make it an essential for every kitchen and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that help us grow it in a better way some of which have been explained by me in this article.

10 Important tips to Grow Garlic Indoors in Containers

Important tips to Grow Garlic Indoors in Containers

1. Find the desired species:-

First of all, I will like to tell you that not all the types of garlic can be planted in all the areas. Some can be planted in the wild only and some can even be grown in your kitchen garden as well. You need to go to some seed seller first and then tell him the exact purpose for what you want to grow garlic and then he will give you the perfect seeds to be planted in that area

2. Make the soil conditions desirable:-

Yeah, soil conditions can prove to be a disaster sometimes and can even be a boon if you take care of them. Learn to study the soil first. Research about the type of soil that the area you live in has. If there is an addition, nutrition required, you can choose to go for the added fertility approaches for that area.

3. Planting a garlic:-

First of all, you need to break the cloves and take the bigger ones to be planted at least 8 centimeters below the soil. You can chose to leave the smaller ones as the bigger cloves will form bigger bulbs that will prove to be an added benefit for you. You will need to place the mud back on them and thus your seeds for planting garlic have been sown.

4. Extensive Care:-

The next thing that you need to do is to take proper care of your plants. Wait till the perfect moment when the bulbs get formed. You may even manage to assign duties to some professional gardener as well. You should research almost everything about the specific type of garlic that you are planting if you are planning to take care of it yourselves.

5. Watering tips:-

Keep on watering them properly, time to time after reading the conditions needed for them to survive in the specific type of soil in your area. As great care needs to be taken while watering them. You can even take help of an gardening expert as well.

6. Farmer’s assistance helpline:-

Indian government has come forward with a toll free helpline for all the farmers. If you are feeling doubtful anywhere about the climatic conditions, soil, manure, watering tips or the care of your crop, you can dial this number anytime and thus you are advised to save this number in your contacts for any worse situation to get proper counseling from professional experts. The toll free number issued by Indian government for these type of purposes is1800-180-1551”


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