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5 Important Steps to Check for Breast Cancer

Steps to Check for Breast Cancer


The type of cancer that takes place at the breast areas of a woman is referred to as breast cancer. Several reasons are believed for this type of cancer to occur and it is believed that if a woman goes for breast feeding, she can avoid this cancer from happening to her. The cancer is equally irritating and devastating as any other form of cancer, but just knowing about it is not the enough thing and instead you should be aware of all the facts about it as well. In order to check if someone is suffering from the cancer of breasts or not, you may follow the simple tips we are mentioning here.

5 Important Steps to Check for Breast Cancer - HowFlux

5 Important Steps to Check for Breast Cancer

1. Self Examination:-

In order to have an idea if you are suffering from breast cancer, you will first of all need to go for the self examination of your breasts. Simply check and note down the shape of breasts, their shape, and any traces of swelling if reported with the breasts.

2. Characteristics to be noted down:-

You will need to note down every visible change you see with your breasts. The dimples if any or the puckering or bulging of the breast skin or the skin of the surrounding area. Check the condition of the breast nipple and make sure it is normal. If it is sticking out, the condition is normal and if it is pushed inside, this is abnormal.

Note down all the changes that you see and then consult these with some elder women of the house and even if it is still out of her knowledge as well, reach the nearest health specialist taking an appointment for diagnosis.

3. Raise Your Arms And Check If There Is Some Fluid Ejecting:-

Another method to have an idea if the breasts are normal or if there is something not so normal associated with them is to check if there is some fluid ejecting from them. The fluid ejecting may give you a clue there is something abnormal with breasts and you need to go for a diagnosis.

4. Check if there is something hard that you can feel and it Pains when you touch it:-

You can physically try to hold your breast in your hand and feel if there is something unusual or hard felt with them. Simply check if there is a hard mass and note down if there is a pain reported when you touch it. This may be the indicator that you are suffering from breast cancer and immediate diagnosis needs to be conducted. Note down every sort of unusual thing that is reported with your breasts and note down all these things to be consulted with a specialist.

5. Diagnosis with the Help of Doctor:-

Now, as I told you earlier that you will need to fix an appointment with your family doctor afterwards, just go and meet him and tell every sort of change that you observed with your breasts and go for the proper diagnosis. If cancer is reported, the treatment will be done on the basis of stage of it. Do not panic as cancer is able to be treated and many people have survived it as well.


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