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6 Important Side Effects of Drugs in the Body

Side Effects of Drugs on the Body


Drugs are the chemical substances that have a biological effect on humans and other animals. Though drugs are used in various treatments, cure, prevention and diagnosis of multiple diseases but these are associated with multiple side effects also and thus here we have come with some side effects that drugs can cause you, some of which are as follows:-

6 Important Side Effects of Drugs in the Body

Important Side Effects of Drugs in the Body

1. Itching And Rashes:-    

Drugs are supposed to make your skin go itchy. Most of the drug patients report that there is a sort of itching problem with their skin when they take their drug dose. Often people report rashes on their body parts like back side etc. that is a result of drug related side effects. Beware drugs can cause you allergy.

2. Nausea:-

Nausea is a situation in which the person feels a sudden sensation of unease and discomfort in his stomach and feels like he is soon going to vomit. The person who is taking drugs is but obvious to experience this mental state and there is a chance for vomiting to occur sometimes.

3. Headache:-

The one who takes drugs is gets obvious to experience pain in his or her head as well. Headache can be accompanied with a feeling of going insane. The person will request you to speak in a low voice as even a minute voice will get unbearable for him. His eyes will not be able to bear much light in some cases.

4. Sleeping:-

Some sleeping drugs are so insecure these days that people have started using them as party drugs in order to add them in drinks of their female counterparts and make them go sleepy. Though they are not actually sleeping, they are active rather but they are not able to oppose what is being done to them and thus become a victim of sexual harassment. Some drugs even erase their memories and they are not able to remember even traces of what had happened with them and thus it is advice always to check the drink you have before consuming it.

5. Loss of Senses:-

Much of the drug users meet loss of senses when they consume a drug. It makes them dependent on it and they are likely to face its addiction. In some cases it is seen that when an individual gets addicted to a specific drug, He or she is ready to do anything in order to get another dose of it somehow.

6. Anger:-

The problem of temper is much common with the drug takers. Those who are on a drug dose are likely to fight much often with the others. It will take no time to make them angry. The side effects may include migraine and loss of mental abilities and decision taking power as well. Though drugs like caffeine might be good and some drugs are even used for pharmacy based medicines sometimes but it is not necessary that every drug is good for you and even if you are taking it as a medicine, the amount should first be consulted with a doctor.


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