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How does Illiteracy Causes Poverty

How Illiteracy Causes Poverty


A person who does not know how to read and write is known as an illiterate person. Poverty refers to the state of being poor. Both these terms are inter-related with each other in a way that if a person is educated, he is also able to find countless ways of earning and earning bread for livelihood but an illiterate person always stays confused about what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. An illiterate person is always found jeopardizing for not being literate. The ways in which illiteracy causes poverty can be described as follows:-

How Illiteracy Causes Poverty

How does Illiteracy Causes Poverty

1. An illiterate person can’t apply for the government recruitments:-

Most of the government recruitment notifications are meant for those who are educated. Even the posts with least qualification needed require you to be at least eighth class pass or tenth class pass. I am talking about the job of a gardener or a sweeper here. For the job of a peon, you need to be at least twelfth or tenth class pass and for the post of an LDC clerk; you need to be at least twelfth class pass. The government notifications like SSC, UPSC etc require you to be at least a graduate for most of the posts.

2. He survives on his skills rather than career:-

Most of the illiterate people either start farming or they open up a small shop or get indulged in a small business which never flourishes further because of lack of knowledge. Such people have to depend on the others to have knowledge of the particular field and they can be easily be fooled by the others.

3. He always gets a job of lower quality:-

An illiterate person with money back-up can manage to start their own small scale business, but the one born with a poor background and a lack of wealth will always be hired for a job of lower quality paying him a negligible amount of salary. His children will also thus live in poverty and he won’t be able to make them educated as well.

4. Low self-esteem and self-respect:-

An illiterate person is always prone to low self esteem and low self respect. Take the example of rag pickers. They are never educated and their entire life is spent trying to find gold out of rag. Such people are often exposed to inhuman conditions while working for example, the glass blowing industries mostly hire illiterate people for working in such small scale industries as working in glass blowing furnaces means losing your eyesight.

5. Lower health conditions:-

When you are working on a good post with good salary, you can also provide good health conditions to your family, but when you are on a low paid job, you save for months in order to save money which all gets vanished once someone meets a disease in the form of fees paid to the hospitals.

6. More kids, less development:-

Illiterate people are also lacking awareness about betterment of their life. Let me prove this with an example. A literate person will have just one or two children in his the house, but most of the poor people can be seen having as much as five to six children in their house. They think that more kids means more development and thus they focus on producing more kids to generate more earning hands, but ultimately, more members in the family mean more basic needs and less scope for development ultimately resulting in poverty.


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