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How IIT Students are Different than any Others

How IIT students are different than any others


IIT or Indian Institute of Technology is a group of autonomous public institutes of higher education in which every good student dreams to study. To get admitted in an IIT does not just proves to be a guarantee for a good education, but once you pass out as an IIT student, it gives you a guarantee of a good job and good future as well. IIT is known for the level of questions that the students are provided with and the ones, who crack an IIT exam, are simply geniuses. In an IIT institute, you are exposed to the touch of regular and punctual experienced professors. You are exposed to sheer hard work and research. Here are some ways in which IIT students are different from other such students.

How IIT students are different than any others

How IIT Students are Different than any Others

1. They Pass Out IIT-JEE:-

When you pass the tenth class and get admitted in eleventh class, you have to make a choice for stream say medical or non-medical combined, commerce, arts etc. The students who choose Non-Medical or Combined stream have just one dream. This dream is to pass out IIT-JEE exam which can secure a position for you in an IIT institute.

2. Years of Sheer Hard Work to Crack the Exam:-

The IIT-JEE exam is only possible option for a student to make way for himself in an IIT institute. It takes years of sheer hard work and dedication for a student to clear this exam. You appear for this exam at the end of twelfth class and in order to appear in this exam you need to have at least 55-60% marks. Such a student experiences various kinds of pressure. This includes peer pressure, board exams pressure and the pressure of IIT-JEE preparations.

3. The Degrees like M.Tech, MS Are Included:-

When you clear an IIT-JEE exam, you are places on the basis of your exam rank in a particular IIT institute. Even if you clear the IIT-JEE exam, it is not a guarantee that you will get admitted in one of the best IIT’s and instead the admissions will be made on the basis of grade or score from the top of score list. While getting admitted in a particular IIT institute, you can opt for the degrees options like, MS etc.

4. The Hard Work Does Not Stop By Just Getting an Admission:-

If you fail to clear the IIT-JEE exam, you have to appear in AIEEE exam to have scope for yourself in the field of engineering say, M.Tech etc. By just getting admission in an IIT does not mean a guaranteed better future. You have to work even harder after getting admitted in an IIT to clear your degree and to clear other related exams like GATE etc.

5. Gate Examination for Engineering:-

Once you clear your B.Tech degree, you can apply for GATE exam. During this entire period, you are exposed to an environment of research. You have to be punctual in each and every lecture and even your attendance counts. The level of questions asked in all the exams concerned with this field are also too much difficult and require a preparation of hours, weeks and months to be cleared.

6. Lots of Tests and Examination:-

The students of IIT are subjected to lots of tests, assignments and examinations. They have to be alert and prepared all the times. The students of other institutes get more freedom than the students of an IIT. They live their lives living like a bookworm in most of the cases and this is why an IIT student is different from others.


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