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10 Best Ideas to Celebrate Girlfriends Birthday

10 Ideas To Celebrate Girlfriend’s Birthday


Every day is a celebration day. But some days are special in themselves, like birth day ! And if it is the birth day of your girlfriend, then perhaps it is not necessary to tell that you start planning for it one week before about what you are to do ? What gift should you give her ? What place should you go ? Etc. Etc.

10 Unforgettable Ideas to Celebrate Girlfriends Birthday

Best Ideas to Celebrate Girlfriends Birthday

Here are given some easy tips for you using which you can make your girlfriend’s birthday, a rememberable day that makes its space in the good memories of life.

1. If you are planning a surprise then the most important thing is you should know the exact date of the birthday else your entire plan may go in vein and besides you might have to feel guilty.

2.  Invite your common friends and book some good party place or some good restaurant and make all the arrangements before and request all the friends to be there before the time. Get your friend there at last, don’t tell her about the party! All should sing “happy birthday” the moment you both enter the place. Your girlfriend would get surprised and love for you will get increased in her heart.

3.  If you want to celebrate alone with your partner then take her to a good restaurant of her choice and order everything according to her choice whether you like it or not, but still for the sake of her heart do every thing she likes that day. When she would watch you doing all that she would think that you really value her.

4. You can even take your girlfriend for an outing, especially those places where you went in your starting days and refresh all the olden moments. Tell her all minute things about those memories. Seeing you remember all the things she would realise her importance in your life.

5. Some people believe that celebrations can be made only with money in fact it is wrong. In real, love does not see money but emotions,you along with your girlfriend can even celebrate in a small park with a small cake and some chocolates. Where the love is true, celebration can be made even with a chocolate. So don’t ever bring any thing about money ever in your mind.

6.  Now the turn comes of gifts ! Gift is an important part, that is essential to increase love. Gift is never cheap or expensive. Gift tells your emotions. So its better if you don’t gift perfumes and scents.

7. If you have a girlfriend then it is clear you must know her likes and dislikes, if you don’t know them then try to know them and try to choose the gift according to them only. Most of the girls like jewellery but purchase simple looking jewellery only, don’t get the one with a staring look.

8. You can even give her flowers or a small flower pot.if you want to do something by yourself, then you can try to write a poem for your beloved though you may not be skilled in it, she will like your try.

9. Purchase some diary or a greeting card and write every thing you like and love about her in your handwriting in it. You can even write some songs you want to dedicate her in it.

10. In the end , hug your girlfriend and say i love you while kissing her the times she has become in age that day. Suppose, if your girlfriend has grown up twenty one in age then, hug her and say “i love you while kissing her 21 times only.


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