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How is Ice Cream Made in Factories or Home

How Is Ice Cream Made


As the name suggests, Ice cream is a mixture of ice and cream. It comes in the category of frozen food which can be eaten as both, a snack as well as a dessert. Most of the couples also prefer to eat ice cream in order to spend some quality time with each other and thus it can be regarded as one of the best romantic food items ever. It is basically made with milk, cream, sugar, fruit essence and other such ingredients. Ice creams are available in many flavors and all of these are tasty in one way or the other.

How is Ice Cream Made in Factories or Home

How is Ice Cream Made in Factories or Home

Here we are describing the procedure which can be bought in use in any factory or home for making ice creams of your favorite flavor.

1. Proper Vessel and Cold Storage Options:-

For making the most of ice creams, you need a perfect vessel first of all. This vessel serves to be the container for you to store your ice-cream liquid. You should also double check the cold storage options as well. If you are planning to make ice cream for yourself at home, you can freeze it in the refrigerator freezer, but if you are making ice creams on a large scale, you will need special deep freezers for this purpose.

2. Decide the Flavor:-

After considering the vessel storage and freezing options, you should now think about your flavoring needs. Vanilla and chocolate flavors are perhaps the most commonly served flavors preferred by people of all age groups. Vanilla should not be added directly to the ice cream mixture, but instead it needs to be processed first. If you are planning to make ice cream at home, you can purchase vanilla essence from the market.

3. The Ice Cream Toppings:-

Most of the ice creams taste better when they are sprinkled up with ice-cream toppings. This may include cherry toppings, liquid cream toppings and coconut toppings or chocolate/Chocó chip toppings etc. You can even layer up your ice cream with a layer of grated dry fruits.

4. Preparing the Cream:-

If you are planning to make an ice-cream at home, you can manage to store the daily cream, which comes over the surface of your daily milk when you boil it. This cream can be centrifuged and mixed with sugar syrup and fruit essence to make it delicious in taste. If you are planning to produce ice cream on a commercial scale, you can purchase cream from some mother dairy in bulk.

5. Adding Sugar To Make It Sweet:-

Sugar should not just be added to the cream, but if you are adding milk to your ice cream, it should also be treated with sugar syrup first. You can mix the additional flavorings of chocolate or fruit flavors in order to make your ice-cream taste even tastier.

6. Care to Be Taken While Storage:-

A great care needs to be taken from your side while storing the ice-cream vessels. You can apply some powdered salt at the base of each and every ice cream container in order to make the ice cream get freeze soon. After preparation, the ice cream can be filled inside a cone or you can eat it as it is scratching it with a spoon to relish its taste.


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