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I Want to Marry My Christian Girlfriend

I Want to Marry a Christian Girl


Christianity allows two Christians to marry if both of them believe in bible and truly want to cooperate with each other in their lives. If you want to marry your partner, according to the Christian religion, you are asked if you both will be able to cooperate with each other even after marriage or not?

I Want to Marry My Christian Girlfriend

I Want to Marry My Christian Girlfriend

Marriage of A Christian With A Christian:-

The lightning’s are made and the couple is asked to get ready, the relatives gather at the church to bless the bride as well as the groom both of which have to stand with the father of the church who asks them some questions in front of Jesus idol that will they be able to be with each other in their bad as well as good time fulfilling all their responsibilities towards each other . If they agree to everything asked by the father and have no objection to his questions and want to stay with each other, they both are asked by the father to kiss each other and live happily thereafter. The bride and the groom are then accepted as husband and wife and are then allowed to go for a honeymoon. The society accepts this relation and there is no problem in it.

Marriage of A Christian With A Person of Some Other Religion:-

The marriage of a Christian with a Christian is simply a easy task, but in order to marry with a person from the other caste, you either have to change your religion to Christianity, adopting it and becoming a Christian or you have to go for a court marriage, both of the procedures have been explained here by me.

1. Change of Religion:-

You will have to go to the church with the family of your partner and adopt Catholicism and its beliefs. You will have to take part in sacraments and you will have to adopt the views of bible. The father of the church will be standing in front of you and telling you that from now you will have to accept the views of Christianity and you will have to ask for the repentance of your sins from god in front of him. You will have to promise that you will live a life holy and acceptable to the god accepting which you will have to bathe in the holy water and then you will be regarded as a Christian and you will be able to take part in Christian ceremonies as well as their functions.

2. Go For A Court Marriage:-

If there is no other way left with you, except it and you can’t go for changing your religion also, you can even go for a court marriage. You will have to reach the nearest marriage office and purchase a form and fill it after signing with three witnesses in front of the registrar with your proper documents. You can even seek for police protection if you feel insecure about it. You will have to go by the rules of government marriage act and you should both be in the age group specified by the constitution for marriage.


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