How Does Hypoxia Cause Pulmonary Hypertension (4 Steps)

How Does Hypoxia Cause Pulmonary Hypertension

How Does Hypoxia Cause Pulmonary Hypertension


Hypoxia is a condition of human health in which the content of oxygen gets reduced in the body. Actually in this condition, the human body gets deprived of adequate oxygen supply and thus the referred individual experiences a lot of trouble. Pulmonary Hypertension on the other hand is a health disorder in which there is an increase or rise in the blood pressure in pulmonary artery or pulmonary vein of a particular person. This also leads to the shortness of breath and it is also accompanied with the other signs and symptoms like dizziness, fainting, leg swelling etc.  It is rather said that the condition of Hypoxia can also result in pulmonary hypertension and there are many cases being reported the same way. The exact way in which Hypoxia can result in pulmonary hypertension can be explained as follows:-

How Does Hypoxia Cause Pulmonary Hypertension

How Does Hypoxia Cause Pulmonary Hypertension

1. Anything That Result In Shortness of Breath Can Raise Our Blood Pressure:-

Have you ever experienced shortness of breath? Shortness of breath often makes us breathe at a faster rate and our breathing gets deep and high during such a time. The same happens when we are experiencing high blood pressure problem. Actually, the diseases that affect the flow out of the heart to the rest of human body results in a stacking of blood, which raises the pressure of blood inside the heart and thus leading to pulmonary hypertension.

2. The Similarity between Hypoxia and Pulmonary Hypertension:-

There is much similarity between Hypoxia and Pulmonary Hypertension if you are able to spot it exactly. Both these health disorders involve the shortness of breath and the individual who dies because of one of these disorders will always die out of suffocation. Pulmonary hypertension is thus very much linked with Hypoxia as Due to shortness of breath, our blood flow gets affected for sure and when blood flow gets affected, we become a victim of hypertension.

3. Hypoxia results in Pulmonary Hypertension:-

In conditions like pulmonary vasoconstriction, the lung vessels narrow down themselves in order to divert blood from poorly functioning segments of human lung. The blood thus gets diverted to a properly functioning tissue. The condition stays normal till there are enough healthy tissues but when there is a low level of oxygen in blood (In condition of Hypoxia), the constriction of vessels on pulmonary arteries takes place and thus we experience pulmonary hypertension.

4. The Outcome of Hypoxia:-

Hypertension is a word that we use when the pressure of blood in the heart becomes more than normal. When we experience Hypoxia, we notice an inflammatory kind of response within the vessel wall and pulmonary circulation gets affected. We lack the availability of oxygen in blood and thus there are not enough healthy tissues present to be able to take the diverted blood. The pumping of blood takes place inside the human heart only. When this condition results with a person, his heart starts pumping blood at faster level and thus this pulmonary condition becomes pulmonary hypertension.