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6 Ways to Hypnotize Someone With Basic Steps


Hypnotization refers to the art of creating a spell bound or hypnotize to someone so as to make him follow what we say or to make him experience what we want. This proves to be an effective therapy in psycho dealing as well as some other such therapies related with supernatural or other such things. If you need to hypnotize someone, you can choose to follow some simple to do techniques that we are mentioning here.

6 Ways to Hypnotize Someone With Basic Steps - HowFlux

How to Hypnotize Someone With Basic Steps

1. Pendulum Based Approach:-

The best way to hypnotize someone is the pendulum based approach. This involves making the use of pendulum so as to move it in front of the subject and then create spell bound with the oscillations that it makes. This approach is equally effective as the hand movement based approach does to you.

2. Talk with The Subject:-

You will need to talk with the subject so as to make him or her convinced so as to go for the further approach of hypnotize. Start by telling the subject that it won’t harm him or her and the basic memory will stay as it is and there will be no memory loss.

3. Make Him/ Her Lie Comfortably:-

After the first two steps have got completed, you will need to make the subject lie comfortably on a bed rest of a lying utility or bed and then ask him or her to feel relaxed and close the eyes so that you may begin the further approaches. You may also move pendulum so as to do this step and create a spell bound before the subject closes the eyes.

4. Imagination, Your Key To Hypnotism:-

Imagination acts as a key to hypnotism. Simply ask the subject to imagine and reach the place where he or she always wanted to go. Let her reach the sky and fly without wings. Let her enjoy the things that she really wanted and then ask him or her to get to the past or likewise anywhere you want to know from the subject.

5. Keep Speaking Slowly Asking Questions From The Subject:-

The questions that I am mentioning here need to be asked in a slow and gentle tone. Your voice should not get much harder for the subject to get out of the state and instead it should be so light that just the subject hears it and makes imaginations about the things that are happening behind the eyes.

6. Getting Further Through Hypnotism:-

The more you practice, the more will you get trained and after you get trained, you can make the use of this art so as to unrevealed what is going on in the mind of a patient or what are the past experiences related with that person or any other such details as well. Rest all depends on how much people are satisfied with the therapy that you give them and your name will keep on increasing day by day as you get more famous in the field of hypnotizing.


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