When Did Humans Begin to Drink Milk?

When Did Humans Begin to Drink Milk ?

when did humans begin to drink milk?


Milk is a protective food that people drink in order to develop strong bones and muscles. Milk is also found rich in Calcium that is supposed to be good for bones as well as the entire growth of humans. It is said that man should take milk daily as nothing can provide you the diet of proteins that it is rich in and this is why it is advised that you take it daily in your meals. Regarding the question when did exactly man begin drinking milk, let us get a bit deeper and research regarding the same.

when did humans begin to drink milk?

When Did Humans Begin to Drink Milk?

1. Milk Is What People Are Fed With Since They Are Born:-

Since a baby gets born and comes to this world. It may be a bitch’s pup or any other animal’s baby, it will start drinking milk of mother’s breasts just after it gets born because we animals have been created by nature in such a way that we have mammary glands which are the glands that produce milk and this milk is what we have been drinking since we were born and is beneficial for the overall growth of the baby as well.

2. The Farm Generated Milk:-

Earlier the farm generated milk that is generated from the cattle, animals like cows and buffalos was considered to be poisonous as it used to be hard to digest and thus could often make people sick. It is around 8000 years ago when this was supposed by the people that milk from animals is poisonous.

3. The Era of Cattle Based Farming:-

There was a genetic change that came in, people nearly 7500 years ago that made them immune enough not to fall sick when they used to drink cattle based milk.  This was found with the dairy farmers who lived in the region between central Balkans and Central Europe and afterwards, when more people tried and found out that drinking milk makes them fall ill no more, the widespread drinking of it got flourished.

4. The Milk Drinking In Northern Region:-

It was seen that the milk consists of both Calcium as well as Vitamin-D and Vitamin-D was something that could be obtained only from the sun while the people in the northern regions were lacking it and this is why even they started drinking it so as to fulfill their requirements of Vitamin-D.

5. The Results of the Researches:-

Various more researches were made later on milk that illustrated that it is beneficial for the growth of bones and muscles which is why people started drinking it on a large scale. It was also seen that there were several cattle breeds that were having the milk as nutritious as it was from the mother’s mammary glands and this is why people started consuming it on regular levels.

6. The Commercialization of Milk:-

After the benefits of drinking milk were known to common man, there came an era of commercialization of milk that made it being sold in the markets as commercial products and then various other dairy products were also produced.