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How Were The Mountains Made

How Were The Mountains Made


There was a long go in the formation of mountains and these have formed because of the geological processes, including the thrust and reverse fault movement etc. We know that the tectonic plates move and make effect on the land as well. Now the tectonic plates can be partially held responsible for the formation of mountains along with the processes that the earlier landmasses underwent, see how it all actually happened.

How Were The Mountains Made

How Were The Mountains Made

1. The Various Aspects Related To The Mountain Formation:-

The various aspects that can be held responsible for the formation of mountains can be determined as follows, the action of tectonic plates, the Folding, the Faulting, The Volcanic Activity, The Igneous intrusion, the various atmospheric processes, the change of one region shaping to the other etc.

2. The Formation of the Volcanic Mountains:-

The movement of tectonic plates creates the formation of volcanoes along the plate boundaries that erupt and form mountains. A series of such volcanoes can create a series of mountains and these are thus basically a result of movement of tectonic plates only.

3. The Formation of Fold Mountains:-

The Fold Mountains get formed when the tectonic plates get collided against each other or there is one plate riding the other. These plates tend to buckle and fold those results in formation of mountains. Most of the major continental mountain ranges are an example of it.

4. The Block Mountains:-

When a fault block is raised or gets tilted, the Block Mountains get formed and the higher blocks are named as horsts while troughs are called grabens. The spreading apart of the surface will result in a strong kind of tensional forces and thus these forces sometimes are enough to split the plates apart resulting in formation of mountains.

5. How Himalayas Got Formed:-

We see all the continents far apart of each other in today’s world while these used to be situated together millions of years ago and there were only two continents namely the Gondwanaland and angaraland. Now there was only a river named Tethys flowing between these continents and then the movement of tectonic plates made these landmasses get separated apart of each other because of the tectonic plate movement, the Himalayas got formed and more continents got formed that we see in today’s world.

6. Conclusion of Research:-

All what we read gives us the only one clear conclusion and it is that mountains get formed because of the movement of tectonic plates and all sorts of mountains let it be of any type or place have been formed because of this movement of tectonic plates only.


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