How Wedding Ruins Friendships

How Wedding Ruins Friendships and Family Relations


“Friendship is a bond eternal that no evil can ever be able to break” Someone has said this very much rightly as there is no other relation like friendship. Friendship is both pious as well as pure and once you get a friend, you get the benefits of having him or her as well, but it has been seen that in most of the cases the friendship meets an end when either of the friends gets married. There are many reasons why a marriage makes all of the friendships get ended and some of these can be explained as follows:-

How Wedding Ruins Friendships and Family Relations

How Wedding Ruins Friendships

1. You Start Spending Time With Your Partner More:-

First of all after a wedding takes place, both the partners get busy with their new lives and prefer spending time with each other more than spending it with someone else as else there might be bought a sense of suspicion in the relationship.

2. When There Is Someone Who Cares about You, You Find Your Friend in Him only:-

After marriage, you get someone who cares more about you than anyone else and thus you find your friend in him only. There are responsibilities on your shoulders after all and you can’t ignore these responsibilities as you are bound in the seven bonds that you had made while marriage while taking round of the holy fire.

3. The Family Imposed Restrictions:-

Even if you still try to stay attached to friends, your family starts imposing restrictions on you thinking that you should give more time now to your wife and not to the friends at all. The family imposed restrictions thus act like a barrier and all the friends are thus left this way.

4. The Break of Trust Factor:-

After marriage, your thinking changes and so does your temperament about the others as well. There is a break of trust factor that bothers you all the time after marriage. If you choose to stay more with friends, there is always a fear that your wife might start doubting your character and thus you prefer staying away from all your friends.

5. The Fear What Society Will Say:-

There is always a fear in an individual that what society will say if they see him with someone other than his or her wife or vice versa in the case of women. Well, this factor of what society will think and say makes us most of the time stay away from friends and stay even closer to our wives as after all we have to live with our wives and not with the friends for the rest of life.

6. Sometimes Even Because Of Some Personal Problems: –

Sometimes friendship gets ruined after marriage, even because of some personal problems like finding less time because of job and home based responsibilities or prolonged illness or some other issue that may relate you to be bound to the house and your wife preventing you from meeting your old friends and thus the friendship gets spoiled.


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