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How Umbrella Is Made?

How Umbrella Is Made?


Umbrella is basically a kind of accessory that we keep in homes for the purpose of safeguarding ourselves from the things that come from the sky. This may include the rains or snow and even the rays coming from the sun. Both these are equally harmful for we humans and thus the umbrellas act as a safeguarding tool that we keep in our hands for this purpose. Talking about the process how these must have been made, this has been mentioned by us in this article.

How Umbrella Is Made?

How Umbrella Is Made?

1. The Meaning of Word Umbrella:-

In Latin that used to be amongst the oldest spoken languages, Umbra means shade and thus umbrella was named after this word as it was firstly made for the purpose of providing the shade from sun. The idea for making the first umbrellas is believed to have come from the parasols or the shields.

2. The Idea of Making An Umbrella:-

Though who was the first to manufacture an umbrella is still unknown, but it is believed that this idea must have come to a sensible mind out of the examples like the example of Egyptian goddess who shielded the earth like a giant shield that made the minds encouraged to produce a kind of sun shield for people.

3. The Basic Structure of An Umbrella:-

A normal umbrella is basically a piece of cloth that is preferably the one that does not allows water to pass through it or in other words, is not porous and instead even a sheet of polythene or some similar fabric can also be bought into use. Now this piece of cloth is stitched to a holding pipe with the help of some needles that help you open or close it when needed and make the shield get formed.

4. Materials required for manufacture of an umbrella:-

In order to go for the manufacture of an umbrella, some raw materials are also needed and these include the ones like The ā€˜Uā€ shaped steel rods for handling of it and stretches to make a lighter and stronger frame with the help of steel or iron based needles gauzed perfectly so as to obtain the basic skeleton for the stitching of tarpaulin or polythene or the non-porous cloth to it. Some early umbrellas have also been developed from whalebone and even cane.

5. The modern day umbrellas:-

The modern day umbrellas are either steel made or plastic made umbrellas equipped with non-porous fabric finishing and are made by a simple process that is termed as hand assembly. The umbrella making sector employs countless people. First of all the wood or metal or fiberglass is made and then the steel ribs are assembled to it. Nylon cloth is the most commonly used cloth for this purpose and this is getting even further modernized with each coming day with the matter of safeguarding the skin getting much intense amongst public, people purchase umbrellas more for the purpose of sun shielding rather than safeguarding themselves against the rains.


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