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How Transgender Are Made

How Transgender Are Made


Transgender refers to the person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to the gender assigned to him by nature at the time of his/her birth. The transgender people experience a kind of mismatch between their gender identity and their assigned sex. Psychiatrist John F. Oliven of California University is the one who coined this term in 1965. Transgender community thus refers to the group of people born with a specific gender from nature’s side, but their gender identity got changed afterwards. The way an individual is made a transgender can be explained as follows:-

How Transgender Are Made

How Transgender Are Made

1. Change of Sex:-

Being a transgender is all about change of sex. If you are going to change your sex from the one that doctor marked on your birth certificate, you will be taken as a transgender. If you were born with a specific sex, say male and you also have a body that of a male, but you feel like a female from inside, you will be taken as a transgender.

2. Change of Orientation:-

Most of the transgender people seek to bring their bodies more into alignment with their gender identity. They look for the options like change of orientation and other such options which can make them go perfect with the sex that they feel themselves to be from inside.

3. Change of hormones:-

Transgender people are likely to reach doctors in order to look for the options like change of hormones. They are prescribed hormones by their doctor in order to bring about the desired changes in their body. Some also look for the surgical options as well. The option for surgery can’t be bought in use for all the cases, but still some Transgenders choose this method to bring about a complete change in their body.

4. Changing Sex Designation and Identity Documents:-

Transgenders seek for changing the sex designation and identity documents as well. Suppose if a guy was born as male and he underwent hormonal changes as well as change of orientation in order to become what he was feeling from inside, he will now seek to be a female by changing the sex designation first and then he will also update his name as a female making changes with the identity documents. He is likely to adopt a new name and will also chose to live in a new place after adopting these therapies of sex change.

5. Modification of body parts/organs:-

Transgenders also look for surgical options in order to have their body parts or organs modified. This majorly includes their pubic places and private parts of the body. Modifying their body parts/organs in this way, they are actually trying to transform themselves completely into the sex that they think or take themselves to be from inside.

6. Change in Clothing and Lifestyle:-

The transgender people are also likely to bring about a change in their clothing and lifestyle as well. They adopt the appearance of the desired sex through changes in clothing and grooming and hence accept the changes in their body as well as soul. These people are registered with the trans-gender community and they live like this only.


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