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How to Write your Own Slam Poetry

How to Write Slam Poetry


You may take slam poetry as a type of competition where an individual reads his or her poem without getting clothes in a specific attire for it and not even music. After when they have given their performance, they are provided with marks that decide how much the judges liked their poetry. These types of poetry are often a result of hard work and dedication and thus here we are explaining how to write slam poetry for yourself in a favorable way.

How to Write your Own Slam Poetry

How to Write your Own Slam Poetry

1. Never Copy:-

It has been seen that some half trained practitioners have found to be trying to copy the older slam poetries and then try to edit it giving it a new flavor which people can recognize easily and thus they are caught red handed. I will advise you to stay original rather and then write your compositions.

2. Keep It Simple And Adhere By The Rules:-

There is a specific time limit and rules for slam poetry recitation and thus you should compose it according to the need only according to the specified time for reciting it and strictly following the rules mentioned by the judgment committee.

3. Maintain the Rhythm As well As Flow:-

While working with the flow and rhythm of your poetry, stay cautious and careful about it. The more perfect rhythm your poetry has got, the easier it gets for you to win the battle. Keep your poetry as simple as you can. The words used in it should be easily understandable to the audience, and you may even choose to relate it with some social situation as well. Learn to add a little drama to your slam work.

4. Be Prepared:-

Start with a pen and paper in your hands and pen down everything that comes in your mind. Pick up any situation or issue that may make audience go sensitive and listen to you carefully. Make the necessary changes while reading it and making the editing’s. Change the section that appears to be boring to you and thus bring about the desired changes.

5. Checking The Other Compositions:-

Even if you have kept your composition totally original, but still there may be some things that may make it look like someone else’s creation and hence you should double check your creation before reciting it anywhere as writers have got their copyrights and it may make you get convicted.

6. Look for Some Live Audience:-

Look for some available audience in your surroundings when you try to write it and make them listen to your poem and tell you how was it? You can even manage to take an advice about it from some of your friends as well. Ask them about the suggestions and the changes, if any they will like you to make in the poetry and follow that if you think it is needed.


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