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4 Easy Ways to Write an Informative Essay

How to Write an Essay?


An essay is a collection of ideas that you have about a particular person, thing or a social issue. Take example of the nursery essay that we used to write about a cow. We used to mention all the details about a cow in it. Generally, we used to copy it with the other essays and the ones who were not able to get the true meaning of an essay, when they were provided with some other topic than to write about cow i.e. my best friend, they used to write that ram is my best friend, he has got four legs, two horns and it give milk what really made us laugh.

This was just an example. Life is not just about the nursery essays and instead if you need to write an essay in proper way, obviously moving out of the nursery world and having a professional approach towards it, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Write an Essay?

How to Write an Essay

1. Due and thorough Research about the Topic:-

First of all, a due research is the need of our in case you need to write about something. Try searching about the topic on the internet. Say you are writing about the dowry system and female feticide, enter both as a keyword on Google, the search will reveal you the multiple facts and figures about this particular situation and you will be able to write better about it.

2. Have Some Facts And Figures Collected:-

Have some facts and figures collected to mention them in the mid. Say you were writing on the topic female feticide, try beginning like female feticide has become a condition prevailing in the society despite countless efforts made by the government and organizations towards it. Then tell the meaning and what is involved in it, try making the readers emotional by adding the facts and figures about the deaths that take place each year because of female feticide and end with a conclusion.

3. Start Creating a Chaos with your matter:-

Create a chaos in the very beginning of the essay by writing some catchy quote of self-written lines. Suppose you are given a topic to write about the education system or the knowledge or anything related to the schooling or boards and grades, etc. Begin with a suitable quote like the one I am mentioning here for education,” Benjamin Franklin has rightly said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest” or you may use any other catchy quote instead provided it gives the readers an easy essence of the topic.

4. Have the Situations Surroundings In the Mid:-

Keep the situations surrounding in the mid. Like suppose you were writing about the female feticide, mention why parents prefer to go for it and if it is banned or not and if it is banned, why the parents are still practicing it. End with a conclusion or a moral and keep practicing with the burning topics that are in trend these days. Female empowerment, drugs, education, etc. are the topics that are always the burning ones. Try writing about these topics in the beginning and then go for the new ones. Keep practicing as it makes a man perfect.


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