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6 Best Ways to Write a Good Short Story

best ways to write a good short story


Unlike the big stories that are generally written in the form of a novel, the short stories are often written to educate people with the moral values. Often these stories are based on a moral and are written on basic social issues prevailing in the society. Short stories should not be estimated as a short term career, but if you become an expert in it, it can really make you famous besides making you earn a handsome salary as well. In case you need to write short stories, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to write a short story

How to Write a Short Story

1. Take Inspiration from Others Works:-

Try reading other writers’ works to get an inspiration from them. When you read others works, you come to know what sort of stuff you exactly need to include in your story and how small they keep their story maintaining the flavor in it and thus we advise you to take inspiration from others works and then go for self writing.

2. Pick Up A Theme for writing:-

When you write, first of all pick up a theme. Like suppose you are writing about the dowry system, start with a girl who has recently been married. Do not get indulged in her marriage story, but directly begin like she got married and her background was from poor family, but the dowry needs from her in laws side made her make suicide. After you have explained this, the rest of the story can be continued. Keep the sentences as short as this as these sentences are small but enough to make readers get a clue what would have happened.

3. Keep the Short Summary of It in Your Mind:-

While you are trying to write a short story, the summary of it should be prepared first and keeping it in mind you should go for writing the story. When y you have got the summary of the story you are writing, you get the exact idea how m much words you need to increase or decrease so as to make it a perfect short story.

4. Do Not Get Boring while writing:-

The problem with most of writers is that they get excited while writing and get distracted from their path easily. This makes the story get bored as they try to go beyond the story that spoils the essence of it. Try to keep your story interesting and avoid making it boring, so as to get famous amongst your readers.

5. Keep It Short and interesting:-

Some writers are found to be so emotional that they forget they were writing a short story and make it an extra long one out of emotions.  Keep in mind that everything has got a decided criterion of limit to get it written and thus you are advised to keep your story strict to the word limit.

6. Come to a Conclusion:-

The story should end with a conclusion so as to make it a perfect story. In case you are not able to make a perfect end with lesson in your story, leave it creating a blend of emotions in your reader’s mind that makes them think again and again and bring about the desired change in the society.


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