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How to Write a Novel on Romance, Horror, Fantasy

How to Write a Novel on Romance, Horror, Fantasy


A novel is a long narrative that may be a creative mind work or an art of fiction that is written normally in a prose and contains fictional characters and events that bring about a specific story to an end. A novel basically deals with a fictional story in which the narrator narrates the story with fictional or imaginary characters or even depicts his own story sometimes. “Half girlfriend” by Chetan Bhagat” and “Like it happened yesterday” etc. are some contemporary novels famous with Indian people these days and this arises a question in many minds, how can they write a novel . Well, it is as simple as you read it.

How to Write a Novel on Romance, Horror, Fantasy

How to Write a Novel on Romance, Horror, Fantasy

1. Get Attached With The Character’s Feelings:-

In order to write a novel, first of all, you will need to get attached with each character’s feeling whom you are going to add in your novel if the character is imaginary or if you are writing a story on yourself, try to recollect the old memories and try to meet people that you are going to include in this story and enquire them the state of mind that they were in when all that happened with you. This helps you to add a personal touch to your novel.

2. Proper Acknowledgement:-

First of all, decide a cover page for your novel. You can choose to add some beautiful picture that depicts the essence of your story to the best and then after you have finished doing so, you can choose to reserve the second page for an acknowledgement from your side in which you have to thank all those who made you write this novel successfully. I will prefer you to keep this page blank and write the acknowledgment after you have finished your novel so as to avoid anybody be left from being thanked by your side.

3. Bring About a Start That Is Interesting:-

Start creating suspense and making the story interesting. It has been seen that some readers who find the very first page of novel to be boring, leave reading it the next moment howsoever impressive the story may be and thus you will have to keep interest of every builder reserved with each and every page of your novel.

4. Depict Each Character’s State of Mind Carefully:-

Make your novel, a perfect blend of emotions, tragedy and drama that depicts each and every character’s state of mind in a perfect way. The readers should feel like every incident happening with the character of the story is happening with them and they are suffering it equally as the character of the story does. Your audience should get emotionally attached with the characters of your story.

5. An Ending That Is Equally Effective:-

Create the interest of readers alive till last and then be ready to give an equally effective ending to your novel. Though it may not be an happy ending but still there should be a message or a moral associated with it and the audience should really feel the emotions of your story. If you succeed in achieving all these things that I mentioned, Nobody can stop your novel from being a huge hit.


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