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How to Write a Cover Letter for Job and Internship

How to Write a Cover Letter for Job and Internship


A cover letter or a covering letter can be understood as a motivational letter that is attached to a resume or your C.V in order to introduce themselves to potential employers and recruiters explaining their suitability for certain positions. The cover letter is a simple and effective approach to put forward a favorable impression on your employer in order to make themselves more attracted towards your abilities and does a free marketing for you regarding what abilities you have in yourself and thus here we are explaining you a way to write it in a better way.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Job and Internship

How to Write a Cover Letter for Job and Internship

1. Salutation To The Company:-

You can begin the cover letter with a salutation to the company for which you are applying. Suppose you have applied for the “TCS” company, you will need to specify the address of the branch office and the name of HR head with a proper salutation mentioning the name of the post that you have applied for. The next step after it will be the basic body of the cover letter that will include your capabilities and the reason why you want to get this job.

2. Include The Reason For Writing:-

While writing a cover letter, remember to specify the reason for which you are writing it. Now suppose you are applying for the post of general manager, You just need to start like ,” With response to your advt. no. xxxxxxxxx , I am hereby sending you my duly checked curriculum Vitae with all the checked details about me. I assure you that I am compatible for this post and have the capabilities enough for this job”. You can even mention your additive qualifications that you forgot to mention in the resume in this part of the letter’s body.

3. Include An Effective Body:-

The body of the cover letter should be equally effective so as to put forward a favorable impression to the job provider. You can choose to make it effective enough to tell most of the things about you in brief. Don’t repeat much of the stuff that you mentioned in your resume and instead stay calm and mention your top capabilities.

4. End With Respectful Words:-

Now when the body of the letter is about to end, You can choose to give a desired ending to the letter writing yours sincerely or yours thankfully at the end and you have to write up the date of writing the letter, place where the letter has been written and then sign it duly so as to put forward a favorable impression

5. Attach Your C.V:-

Now when the letter has ended, You can pin up your resume along with it at the back side and rest is just to post it up to be sent to the respective office so as to act as an intermediate between you and the recruiters to give a favorable impression from your side against the post that they are offering to the candidates but remember to be true and keep it the best of your knowledge this time as well.


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