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How to Wrap a Car Properly Step By Step

How to Wrap a Car


In the modern world, cars have become more a thing of necessity than being a thing of need. Obviously we prefer traveling in our own vehicles than preferring to travel in other’s vehicles. Cars are there in approximately every second house, but you can’t always be traveling with them and in such cases where there is no proper place of parking or garage and people either choose to park their cars in the streets or have to wrap it for gifting or some other purpose to safeguard the car from coming in contact with the dust and other external agents. Such people may choose to go for the following procedure in order to wrap their cars:-

How to Wrap a Car

How to Wrap a Car

1. Choosing a Wrapping Material:-

In order to wrap a car, you would first of all need wrapping material. You can make it yourself or you may purchase one from the market. Almost all the car products retail and wholesale stores can be contacted for purchasing a car cover that can be bought in use for wrapping it and then you may tie out a ribbon on the top of it to make it perfectly wrapped.

2. Making a Wrapping Material:-

The second option that I mentioned that you may choose to make your own wrapping material should be adopted only if you have got enough time for stitching and cutting, finishing jobs etc. Simply purchase some fabric or tarpaulin or any other material of your choice and get it stitched to the perfect length of your car. The lower portion can be kept somewhat wide to adjust it up with the help of wrapping belts.

3. Simply Cover Up From the Top:-

Now that you have procured the car cover, you can begin the wrapping approach for your car. Simply park the car at the desired place and then cover it up from the top with bringing the lower portion down to perfectly fit the specifications of your car and then you can go for the rest of approaches.

4. Bring the Ending Portions to the Lower Part:-

If you had self stitched the wrapping material, you would need to check if it perfectly fits or not and for this purpose you would have to bring the ending portions to the lower part of the car and then look if there is an extra space left with the car. The extra space can be trimmed marking the line with chalk and then it can be separated with a knife making stitches with the help of a sewing machine.

5. Tie out the Wrapping Belt:-

now that your wrapping material perfectly wrapped the car, you are just required to tie out the wrapping belts from top to the bottom to make the car get perfectly wrapped. Simply tie each belt in a proper way and then tie up the wrapping ribbon of perfect length so as to give a finishing touch to wrapping of your car. The car would look great if you pack it this way with curls of ribbons pasted over the rest of the body. (How to Wrap a Car)


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