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How to Workout Without Gym Equipment

How to Workout Without Gym Equipment


Who does not wants to gain proper body weight and properly toned muscles and abs? Gymming is the perfect solution for it. But it is not necessary that all people can manage to bear the expanses of costly gyms wishing to extract lump sums from your pockets and thus there comes a need to look for the measures that help you to gym without even spending much money on it. Though if you have a minor budget, you can go for a one time investment and purchase some weights and a pipe to do gymming exercises at home, but if there is no scope for it also, You can go with some tips we are mentioning in this article to gym without machines some of which are as follows:-

How to Workout Without Gym Equipment

How to Workout Without Gym Equipment

1. Make Your Bed Your Cycling Mat:-

Almost every gym has got cycling machine in it. Cycling is the best leg exercise and thus we include it in your machine less gym also. Just assume your bed as your cycling mat and lie down on it with your legs upside towards the ceiling. Now start rotating your legs like what you do on a cycling with a circular motion. This exercise is as beneficial as you do with that in a gym.

2. Two Bricks In Hands And Your Dumbbells Are Ready:-

Even the dumbbells are basically the weights only that you use to make your biceps. You will easily find some bricks near your house, you just need to pick two clean bricks from them and your dumbbells are ready. Now take one brick in your each hand and do the exercise that you did with dumbbells with these bricks. It will benefit you equally as a dumbbell could do.

3. Two Bricks On The Floor And Pushups Begin:-

In gym, you must be doing pushups with your hands grabbing a pipe fitted on floor, right? Here the two bricks are enough, just place the two bricks on the floor, at the place where you have to keep your hands to start doing pushups and place your hands on the bricks, these bricks would act as the pipe and your pushups will get as comfortable as it used to be in case of the pipe.

4. Pipe Or Some Slab For Pull-Ups:-

There must be some football or basketball ground near your house, and it would surely have the equipment to play these games, just go and hang on the pipes of these game grounds to do pull ups or if there is no such area, you can do pull ups with some slab in your house or any other such place.

5. Stairs, Your Perfect Buddy:-

True, stairs are your perfect buddy as they will reduce the need of a step mill machine. Just wake up in the morning and start climbing your stairs. You can do 15 to 20 sets of this exercise daily in order to keep yourself fit without gymming.

6. Jogging Instead of Treadmill:-

The next thing that you can try to gym without machines is to try jogging instead of using a treadmill. Jogging is as beneficial as a treadmill benefits you. Now you have got all the virtual machines with you and you can start gymming at home or if you still feel something is missing, you can manage a rope with knots to climb it daily or you can fill two buckets of water and use them as your gymming weights taking as much water as you need the weight to be.


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