How to Wire a Light Switch in Series

A light switch is the switch that we position within the switch boards for the purpose of switching on and off the lights


A light switch is the switch that we position within the switch boards for the purpose of switching on and off the lights. This serves to be an ideal ways of dealing with the wire circuit and if we make the wrong wiring connection, the entire wiring may meet fire when you switch it on and thus you have to keep all the depending factors in mind while you locate the switch wiring and make the connections of wire with the switch. If you have planned to make a circuit with the home based switches yourself, you may go for the tips that we are describing here: –

How to Wire a Light Switch in Series

How to Wire a Light Switch in Series

1. Locate the inverter wire:-

In order to wire up a light switch, you will first of all need to locate the inverter wire. This one will be separately tied to the wiring pipe and you can simply locate it and keep it separate so as to make the wiring connection in a better way ore you can even attach it to the circuit to make an inverter connection with the circuit.

2. Select a proper wire size to make a connection:-

In order to make a wire connection with the light switch, you will need wire of appropriate length and side. This can be decided by you depending on your requirements and as we have researched, If 20 amp circuits are in use, you have to use the #12 copper wires and if the circuit is 15 amps, #14 copper wires will be bought into use.

3. Shut off the power from the mains switch:-

In order to make light switch wiring connections, you will also need to keep the mains power supply switched off.  You need to shut down the mains switch and the electricity will get switched off. You can switch on the mains supply when you have made the connections. You are also advised to put on your slippers and avoid contact with any other person while you are making the connections so as to avoid any earthling from taking place.

4. Take the switch boxes one by one and position the wires:-

There would be two or three wires in a cable depending on the type of cable that you have purchased.  If there are three wires, the third one will be of earthing and should be kept aside. The rest of two will be different in color say black and white. The third one that was of the earthing should be Connected to the neutral terminal bar and connect the other two wires respectively to the destined places.

5. The switches should be connected in parallel not series:-

In order to make connections, you should never go for the series arrangement of making a connection as it will result in short circuit as the energy and current requirements of each gadget is always different. You are advised to go for parallel arrangement so as to wire light switches so as to have better harmony with the various other appliances connected to these switches. You can even choose to take advice with some electrician of your knowledge to have a better balance with the circuit in case you feel there is a lack of knowledge of circuit making by your side.


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