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How to Weld Aluminum (5 Steps)

How to Weld Aluminum


Welding of aluminum is a process by which one can easily join one object made of aluminum with the other. Suppose if you have two aluminum pipes, both can be joined with each other in order to weld them and make a single pipe with them. The same happens in the case of a broken aluminum utensil or sheet. You can easily repair them by welding them. In this process, we join two metal components binding them while melting them with an electronic welding machine. If you have something made of aluminum and you wish to cast and join it, you can easily use the welding process to join it the way you wish following these simple steps.

How to Weld Aluminum

How to Weld Aluminum

1. The Tools that you will need:-

In order to weld aluminum, you will need some welding tools first. These tools include a few electrodes, gas welder, a piece of cotton cloth, an eye protection pair of spectacles, a covering gear for hands (gloves) and a stool to sit or anything else according to the environment of your workplace and need.

2. Clean the Aluminum Surface:-

In order to weld Aluminum, you will first need to clean the metal surface. If an Aluminum metal rod/ sheet is kept in open for many days, it develops a layer of oxide over it. If we do not remove this layer first, Aluminum takes more time than required for getting welded and thus we should first clean Aluminum surface by scratching it with the sandpaper.

3. Spread a Wet Cotton Cloth on the Surrounding Area:-

Suppose you are planning to join two aluminum pipes with each other using the welding approach, you will need to bring both the pipes closer to each other first. You can place the joint on a pair of bricks with a wet cotton cloth spread over them to avoid the floor furnishing getting burnt because of the gas. The same approach should be followed while welding any other object made up of aluminum as well.

4. Switch on the Welding Machine:-

Now here comes the time to switch on your welding machine. You should keep a bucket of water ready with yourself for any emergency purpose. If yours is an electrode based welding machine, you will need to position an electrode first in its electrode hose. If yours is a gas welding machine, it will generate flames once you switch it on and thus you should wear the protective equipments (Gloves) and eye gear (spectacles) now.

5. Use the Welding Electrode to Weld:-

Bring the electrode closer to surface that needs to be welded. In case of gas welding machine, you will need to bring the gas flame generator pipe closer to the surface keeping the joint tightly held with each other. The aluminum objects get welded this way. Do not touch the welded surface with your fingers as a recently welded surface is always fire hot and it can burn your hands if you try to touch it. First rinse the surface with water and let it get cooled for a while. You can touch the surface afterwards.


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