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3 Stylish Tips on How To Wear a Maxi Skirt

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt


Maxi-Skirt is basically a long type of skirt that women wear generally at their homes. It covers their entire lower portion and can be wore even at nights while sleeping as a sleeping dress or can even be wore fashionably out of home with some good shirt or t-shirt.

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt

1. Purchasing A Maxi-Skirt:-

Before going to buy a maxi-skirt, be clever enough to try it in a trial room as most of the maxi skirts use a lighter fabric as the making material that gives the entire glimpse of your lower portion, it is all right if you are purchasing it to be worn at home and if you just have a husband and no kids, but if you are purchasing it to be purchased outside, you should go for the maxi-skirt with a hard or thick clothing material and when you wear it, try standing in bright light and look in the mirror to know how you look in it, check if you feel comfortable in it and it is not too long to come under your feet while walking, it should be of a proper length.

2. Try out almost all the types of fabrics in the shop to know which fabric suits the most to you and the fabric you are most comfortable in. If you have tried out a pleated maxi-skirt for you and it does not suits you, you need not to worry and should just try another one that is not pleated as it is not mandatory that the pleated skirts are sure to suit all the figures.

2. Purchasing A Matching Top With A Maxi-Skirt:-

1. Firstly look your wardrobe, if you have a matching t-shirt with your maxi-skirt, choosing a top that matches the fitting of the skirt or you can go to market to have a top that matches the fitting of your maxi-skirt and follow the same procedure that you followed while trying the maxi-skirt in the front of mirror.

2. It is better if the fabric of the shirt or t-shirt contrasts to the fabric of maxi-skirt and should resemble in style but if it is not possible to find a top with matching style, you should consider on the fitting only. If the skirt is a loose one, purchase a top with a tight fitting and for skirt with tight fitting, a loose top must be chosen. It does not matter if the top is with full sleeves or half sleeves or is a sleeveless one.

3. While Wearing A Maxi-Skirt:-

Now that you have got a combination of both the skirt and top for you, decide if you have to put the top pressed in the belt of your skirt or the top is to sit over the skirt. Just stand in front of the mirror again as you did in every step and have a look if you look great with the former style or the later one. If the skirt comes with a chain and pin buttons, it is a safer choice but if it comes up with elastic, it might prove to be a bad choice as the elastics are extra tight in the beginning and extra loose after continuous wearing.

If your skirt is tight at the waist band, you might prefer to tuck the t-shirt or shirt in the skirt and you may feel uncomfortable while doing so, that is why I strongly prefer you to try a layering or a cropped up top. The maxi-skirt should not be so much tight that your waist feels it a burden to wear the skirt.


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