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How To Wear a Beanie

How To Wear a Beanie


Beanies are simply the cold weather hats made of a woolen fabric that keeps the head warm and provides a warm effect to women plus enhances their looks providing them elegance along with style.
This headwear proves to be a fashion statement for all including small girls and teenage girls and women moreover as the beanie is made mostly from a warm woolen fabric; it is likely to keep you away from cold and make your winters stay even more sickness free.

How To Wear a Beanie

How To Wear a Beanie

How To Choose A Beanie ?

One should consider choosing a neutral shade while going to chose for a beanie as dark color like black is likely to keep you more warmer but light colors look more decent, so choosing a neutral shade that is not much dark and not even much light is a better choice among all moreover neutral colors are most versatile.

If you want to go more colorful, chose a red or blue shade that is colorful but warm option for you. Black has the tendency to entrap sun’s heat in it and make you feel even more warmer but in sun it may make you feel have an itching in your hair if the day gets even more warmer because of sun so we advice a color that is not too dark and not too light rather.

Self-Knitting of Beanie:-

If you are a house wife and want to make a beanie for yourself at home with your knitting needles, you should avoid zippers or hangings etc to be experimented on them that are not preferable according to us, you should try looking more classic and decent, if you want to have some experiment with a self – knitted beanie, you can have a suitable overcoat button stitched on it to enhance its style.

Avoid using an elastic if you are knitting a beanie for yourself, try to avoid the usage of any sort of elastic in your beanie as it might tighten your head and your head may feel suffocated all the time while you are wearing it. You can let the boundary of your beanie to be made thin instead of using any sort of elastic in it or you may purchase some knitting magazine from some magazine shop to know latest fashion trends for your self-knitted headwear.

Wearing With Style, Fashion And Determination:-

If you are wearing a beanie for daily basis, you should keep the front of your beanie slightly above your eyebrows such that it provides you a casual and decent look. The sides of the beanie should keep covering your ears such that the ears keep warm. If you have long hair, you can gently wear the hat with hair kept open and lower portion of hair out from the beanie. Remember to keep it somewhat loose from the top or you might even fold some of the option at the back of your beanie.

If you have a self knitted beanie hinted from some fashion knitting magazine, you may look for the wearing styles of the models to copy it with you or you may directly search the web for wearing beanie with style. Having long and soft hair can make you have an advantage and make enough experiments daily with the wearing styles you make with your beanie, you may keep some of your hair coming out from it in front of your forehead to make it look even more stylish.

Washing Tips For Beanies:-

you should not wash beanie directly in detergent powder as it might spoil the fabric of your beanie and instead of it you may purchase pouches specially meant for washing woolen fabrics (Ezee etc.) to keep your beanie as you purchased it from the market.


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